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What You Get:


  • The Self-Made Celebrity Core training modules

  • ​6-Months of group coaching with me and my coach instructors (6 calls per month for 6 months)

  • All Questions Answered – submit your questions on our private community forum for written coaching and guidance

  • ​Rad private community of other artists, creatives and influencers cheering each other on

  • Money Mindset Bonus

  • ​Celebrity Energy Deep Dive Training

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Bonus

  • ​Building a Brand/Business Bonus

  • Entrepreneur to Empire Bonus

  • ​Navigating Indecision

  • ​The Getting Un-Stuck Training Bonus

  • Overcoming Anxiety 




Celebrity Energy Core Training Modules

Learn the simple six-step process to create Celebrity Energy so that you can become a magnet to opportunities and audiences.

These modules include video trianings, meditations, exercises and worksheets so that you can tap into the fame and success that you daydream of.

Community Access

Join our online community of artists, creatives and influencers who are supporting each other and cheering each other on in their journey to fame.

They say you’re an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with – elevate your self-concept by surrounding yourself by other artists, creatives and influencers who are also creating wild success.

Mentorship and Guidance

For six months, you’ll have access to coach directly with me and my team of coach instructors. Learn how to embody Celebrity Energy on our live coaching calls – we host 6 calls per month. Raise your hand to get coaching or submit your question ahead of time (anonymously if you prefer). All replays are immediately uploaded to the portal. We also have a private portal where you can get your questions answered M-F.

Stage 1:  Learn the 6 Step Process for Developing Celebrity Energy

Through a repeatable, six-step process, you will learn EXACTLY how to overcome your primitive, caveman instincts and instead become a magnet for the fame, success and opportunities that you know you are meant for. Say goodbye to self sabotage and hello to opportunities, followers, fame and success with more fun and flow.

Stage 2:  Pick the Right Goal For You

Most creatives don’t realize that they are setting themselves up for failure by picking the wrong goals. Go through our foundational modules which will guide you in picking a goal that will actually set you up for success. Get support and feedback on your goal.

Stage 3: Master the Process Through Coaching and Mentorship 

Having the information is only one piece of the puzzle. Becoming the person who has mastered the knowledge is where people fall short of actually achieving their goals. With six months of coaching, mentoring, accountability and community support you’ll have everything you need to succeed. That’s why we offer a Goal-Hitting guarantee.


Bonus 1: Celebrity Energy Deep Dive

In the Celebrity Energy Bonus Training, you will learn exactly how to build a solid foundation for fame and success, and identify and develop your unique celebrity persona so that you will be able to create a safe, and long-lasting career without burning out quickly or becoming a one-hit wonder.

Bonus 2: Money Mindset

If you want to make money from a place of fun and flow while using your creative talents, you’ll love the Money Mindset Bonus Course. This will keep you from having to go back to a 9-5 you hate and instead give you the lifestyle freedom to follow your creative pursuits.

Bonus 3: Entrepreneur to Empire

Build a large, cult-like following on social media of followers who are obsessed with you and what you have to say. This bonus will teach you the exact strategy to build a successful Tiktok or Instagram following. 

Bonus 4: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

If you have ever hit success and then thrown it away, you’ll love the Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Bonus Workbook, where you will learn exactly how to step into bigger and bigger levels of fame. This means that at every level of your career, you’ll be able to nip self sabotage in the bud.

Bonus 5: Building A Business

If you want to translate your creativity and experience into a brand or business, you’ll love the Building Your Business special bonus training. Once you learn how to simply and easily launch a business, you’ll be able to open more and more avenues for wealth, fame and success and expand into your true Celebrity Self. 

Bonus 6: Navigating Indecision

If you often catch yourself getting stuck with indecision, you’ll love the Decision Making bonus training, where you’ll learn exactly how to overcome indecision and know how to make the right decisions for your business, career and life. 

Bonus 7: My Stress Response and Overcoming Anxiety

Learn how to overcome stress and anxiety in the My Stress Response bonus module. Once you learn how to overcome stage fright, stress, worry and anxiety, not only will you experience more day-to-day peace and happiness, but your art will also exponentially improve because we can’t create at the highest level when we’re in survival mode.

Bonus 8: Getting Un-Stuck

Learn the 10-minute daily practice that will help you shift out of ANY negative funk and back into an aligned, flowy state where you not only enjoy life more, but also create results faster. This means you never have to stay trapped in negative emotions or downward spirals that last for weeks or even months.

Whitney Uland

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