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What’s included? 

  • You feel frustrated and overwhelmed whenever you think about starting your ‘own thing’ because your lack of confidence and limiting beliefs around money are holding you back.
  • You’ve been feeling the ‘pull’ of your calling for longer than you can remember but you’re constantly putting it off because it’s more comfortable to wait for a little longer than to try and fail.
  • You think you have to be a marketing or tech expert to build a lucrative online business but never actually took the time to find out about the intuitive and user-friendly solutions that are available for people like us.
  • You’re afraid of what your family or friends will think about you and miss the fact that the best use of any social platform is to make an impact (and not to impress people you already know).
  • You think that you need hundreds of thousands of followers to make a living as a conscious entrepreneur because you don’t know what the most lucrative online income streams are.
  • ​You’ve become disconnected from the powerful, creative force of your ways of being.


Step 1


Ready to learn and utilize our secrets and personal strategies that have allowed us to grow our followings into the millions?
Because guess what, my friend… there’s a reason why Aaron has nearly 2 million subscribers on YouTube and over 500K people following him on Instagram.
There’s a reason why both Mat and Victor have over 200K YouTube subscribers. It’s because we are doing certain things… hitting upon certain notes others don’t…  and most importantly, we have a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t.
And if you paid attention to what we’ve shared in the Conscious Business Accelerator, you already know that once you have a growing audience, you can do ANYTHING!
Want to sell your books or courses? Want to serve people as a coach or healer? Are you someone who’s just born to run retreats or live events?
We have good news for you… the sky is the limit!

Module 1 – Build Your Brand

Get clarity on who you are and what you’re meant to do. Identify your niche and your perfect client, then learn how to create your story brand and wire in your messaging so you can attract the people you’re meant to help.

Module 2 – Build Your Audience

Learn the “3 Pillar System” and the strategy we used to attract hundreds of millions of people to our online businesses, find the platform that serves you the best, and create viral content on repeat without wasting a single minute of your time.

Step 2


Here is where you get to really tap into the benefits of having a full-time purpose.
In this phase, you will learn how to create multiple streams of income to have TRUE financial peace of mind and abundance.
This is the part where you learn everything about different business models and strategies, so you can choose what fits you and your audience the best, and where you develop the skill of tailoring your programs in a way that no one in their right mind will be able to resist.
The best part is that when you come to our coaching calls, we’ll give you live support so you can fine-tune the business side of things as soon as possible and truly enjoy your journey of becoming a full-time conscious entrepreneur.

Module 3 – Email marketing

Build your email list from scratch and start selling your offers knowing that your income doesn’t depend on the mercy of social media algorithms. Use our best practices to write emails that will make your readers your biggest fans, and automate your email messaging to be there every time they’re ready to open their wallet for you.

Module 4 – Monetization

Become an expert in sales psychology in a few minutes and apply your knowledge to build 7 other income streams for yourself. Tap into the “business side” of things, plan the perfect customer journey, and maximize profits for each of your programs.



Step 3


Imagine all the stuff you don’t enjoy when it comes to content creation and running your business… 
Maybe it’s editing videos, writing sales copy, or building websites…
Well… what If other people would do all that for you?
What if your “work day” would only last for about 2-3 hours of what you enjoy the most, while also earning potentially multiple 6 figures or even 7 figures?
That’s our exact lifestyle and we will teach you everything you need to do in order to have it yourself!
This part of the program will teach you how to create systems in your business so you get to show up every day, do ONLY what you LOVE, and earn what you deserve for helping others.

Module 5 – Systems & Automations

Avoid paying thousands of dollars for software you don’t need, and discover the 4 most time-consuming things every business owner should (and can) automate from the beginning. Get clarity on how to fully automate your business, and put your time into bringing more and more value to your clients.

Module 6 – Mindset, Habits, & Lifestyle

Your business is a reflection of you. Learn the 6 most important lifestyle secrets, the mindset, and each habit that will allow you and your business to run on the highest efficiency level.


Every module is packed with videos to listen to and learn from. Have your notebooks ready!
Join us live & we’ll review your business, give personalized feedback, and coach you to get the best and fastest result possible.
Put theory into practice and get access to all the resources you need to build a thriving conscious business on the internet.
Rally, support, & meet with dozens of other conscious entrepreneurs on the same path as you. Get instant answers, feedback, & tap into the newest resources shared by our top students.

Lifetime Access to the FTP CBA course:

  • 35+ Video Trainings To Build & Automate A Thriving Online Business (Lifetime Access)
  • ​Conscious Business Accelerator (Lifetime Access)
  • 12 Months Of LIVE Group Coaching 2X Per Week With Our Team (am & pm)
  • Private FTP Skool Community with Live Coaching Team Support
  • Plus The 3 Fast Action Bonuses!


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