Uprise Academy – FX Masterclass 2.0

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Here’s What You Get:

Phase 1


In this phase you’ll discover why Forex exists and the role it plays in the world. By the end of this phase you’ll have an understanding of the best times to trade and WHAT we can trade.

  • Lesson #1: What Is Forex?
  • Lesson #2: Sessions and Times
  • Lesson #3: Trading Styles
  • Lesson #4: Types of Analysis
  • Lesson #5: Assets We Can Trade



Phase 2

Brokers and Metatrader

This phase will show you how brokers make their money, how to test brokers,
and step-by-step instructions on connecting your new broker to Metatrader
so you can start trading!
  • Lesson #1: Intro To Brokers
  • Lesson #2: Metatrader Walkthrough
  • Lesson #3: Connecting Broker to Metatrader

Phase 3


If you’ve ever wondered what all those lines and charts are,
Tradingview is where we’ll be looking at all those charts! By the end of this phase,
you’ll have an understanding on the software and some of our favorite shortcuts!
  • Lesson #1: How To Use Tradingview
  • Lesson #2: Tradingview Shortcuts

Phase 4


Trading is a HUGE game of winning the psychology game! In this phase we’ll cover some of the most common issues traders run into with their psychology. 

  • Lesson #1: Intro To Psychology
  • Lesson #2: Fear Of Missing Out
  • Lesson #3: Growing Accounts vs. Flipping
  • Lesson #4: Understanding Patience
  • Lesson #5: Accepting Risk
  • Lesson #6: Being Teachable



Phase 5

Trading Plans

All paths to success must have a plan! In this phase we cover the importance
of creating rules & guidelines. We’ll also go over creating your trading plan
together so ensure you’re setup for success!
  • Lesson #1: What Is a Trading Plan?
  • Lesson #2: What Should be In Your Trading Plan?
  • Lesson #3: Creating Your Plan



Phase 6

Technical Analysis

By the end of this phase you’ll have an in-depth understanding on how to read charts, and you’ll develop the skill of finding the best ways to enter a trade!

  • Lesson #1: Intro To Technicals
  • Lesson #2: Candlestick Anatomy
  • Lesson #3: Market Structure
  • Lesson #4: Support and Resistance
  • Lesson #5: Timeframe Correlations
  • Lesson #6: Indicators
  • Lesson #7: Chart Patterns
  • Lesson #8: Finding Entries & Top-Down Analysis



Phase 7

Fundamental Analysis

In this phase we’re going to cover WHY the markets move! Fundamentals are one of the most important drivers in the markets. By the end of this phase you’ll be able to determine the market’s direction and trade WITH the markets, not against them!

  • Lesson #1: Intro To Fundamentals
  • Lesson #2: Central Banks
  • Lesson #3: Economic Data
  • Lesson #4: 3-Step Trading Process
  • Lesson #5: Trading News and Headlines
  • Lesson #5: Geopolitical Events
  • Lesson #6: Putting It All Together


Phase 8

Intermarket Analysis

Believe it or not, the markets are all connected. This phase will show you different asset classes and the correlations they have so you can trade the correctly and increase the probabilities on your trades.

  • Lesson #1: Intro To Intermarkets
  • Lesson #2: Bond Markets
  • Lesson #3: Equities (Indices)
  • Lesson #4: Commodities
  • Lesson #5: Gold Breakdown
  • Lesson #6: Oil Breakdown
  • Lesson #7: Currency Markets (FX)


Phase 9

Sentiment Analysis

In this phase you’ll learn how to determine the market’s ‘feelings’. Yes, the markets have feelings
and it helps us determine how the markets will move when certain events happen like fear in the markets!
After this phase you’ll know exactly what to do when there’s positivity or even fear that hit the markets.
  • Lesson #1: Intro To Sentiment
  • Lesson #2: The Ultimate Guide To Sentiment
  • Lesson #3: Real World Examples
  • Lesson #4: 3-Step Analysis

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