Troy Dean – The Godfather Method

Downloadable: Troy Dean – The Godfather Method

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What You Get:


Part 1: Building the Assets


  • Identify the exact group you serve (if you have no idea right now, don’t worry!)
  • Understand exactly what they need and define their dream outcomes.
  • Recognize what is stopping them, and how you can help to break that barrier.
  • Get absolute clarity on your 3 Pillars of Transformation
  • Psychology and complex marketing analysis behind what drives people so you can truly connect and make an impact.



Part 2: Custom Offers


  • Craft your UVP into a concise and impactful mission statement
  • Pitch your offer so that your audience sees the value
  • Steps to package your offer in an enticing and irresistible way
  • Tailor our script to suit your offer for maximised success and ROI


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