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What You Get:


What’s Working Today!


  •     Apple App Store ASO – What’s Working for 2021
  •     Google Play ASO – What’s Working for 2021
  •     8 Secrets to Increase App Subscriptions
  •     Million Dollar Pricing Pages
  •     How to Use Copyright Keywords
  •     Monetization Tips to Double Your Revenue



Retention and Monetization


  •     Million Dollar Pricing Pages
  •     How to Increase Your App Virality
  •     8 Secrets to Increase App Subscriptions
  •     The Effective Push Notification Strategy



App Store Optimization


  •     Welcome
  •     Introduction
  •     Project Overview
  •     What is App Store Optimization
  •     ASO Factors
  •     ASO Strategies
  •     ASO Keyword Template
  •     Tools to Generate Keywords
  •     How to Use Search Ads to Find New Keywords
  •     Why You Should Use Two ASO Tools
  •     How to Double Your Keywords
  •     How to Get Keywords Data
  •     How to Pick the Right Keywords
  •     How to Pick the Right Keywords
  •     Optimizing Beyond the Keywords
  •     How to Write An App Description That Converts
  •     How to Find Keyword Misspellings & Increase Downloads
  •     How to Use Copyright Keywords
  •     How to Guarantee Increase Keyword Rankings
  •     Watch Me Optimize: Simple Notes
  •     Black Hat ASO: How to Buy App Store Reviews
  •     How to Build Backlinks



How to Land an Apple Feature


  •     How to Reach Out to Apple
  •     How to Create a Presentation for Apple
  •     How to Find an Apple App Store Manager Through LinkedIn
  •     How to Use LinkedIn Ads for an Apple Feature



How to Get Massive Press for Your App or Company


  •     How to Find Anyone’s Email Address in 2 Minutes
  •     How to Track Your Email Opens & Clicks
  •     How to Automatically Remember to Send Follow Up Emails
  •     How to Reduce the Time You Spend Emailing Reporters
  •     The Problem with Getting a Reporter’s Attention
  •     The #1 Way to Get Press Coverage
  •     How to Use the Founder as the Story of Your Launch
  •     How to Come Up With Your Unique Selling Point
  •     Use The “First Look” Approach
  •     7 Things to Include in Your Press Outreach Email
  •     How to Follow Up with a Journalist
  •     How to Find Influencers & Get Them to Share Your Content
  •     How to Find The Most Shared Content & Key Influencers
  •     How to Get Free Publicity
  •     How to Best Leverage The Exclusive Strategy



How to Soft Launch Your App


  •     Soft Launch Promo
  •     Project Overview
  •     Why Soft Launch
  •     v0.999???
  •     Soft Launch Goals
  •     Beta Users Online
  •     Beta Users Offline
  •     Soft Launch Countries
  •     More Testing
  •     Soft Launching on iOS
  •     Soft Launching on Google Play
  •     How to Leverage Soft Launch
  •     Revive an App or Let it Die
  •     Conclusion



How to Launch on Product Hunt


  •     Overview
  •     Project
  •     What is Product Hunt?
  •     Product Hunt Roles and Algorithm
  •     Tools and Resources to Help
  •     Things You Must Know Before Launching
  •     How to Come Up With Clever Taglines
  •     Pitching a Moderator
  •     Step by Step Guide on Launch Day
  •     ProductHuntPressEmail
  •     ProductHuntModeratorPitch
  •     ProductHuntResources



Guest Experts


  •     Facebook_Targeting_hacks
  •     alternate_marketplace
  •     GameDesign_KevinWolstenholme_Final
  •     App-Performance-FINAL
  •     app-traffic-academy
  •     fun-run-formula
  •     fanbytes-snapchat
  •     cross-promotion-mark-johnson
  •     aso_professional
  •     global-market-josh-burns-FINAL
  •     how-to-get-press-final
  •     reskinning-apps-yohann-taieb
  •     app-video


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