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Join over 247,070 lives touched by 

Sarah Titus paid products!



Join over 247,070 lives touched by 

Sarah Titus paid products!






  • From Overwhelmed to
  • Making Money on Autopilot (2:26)
  • Shopify Store Digital Workbook {16 Pages}
  • Resources
  • Mistakes to Avoid


Why You Need Shopify

  • The Power of Having Your Own Store
  • 47 Reasons to Set Up a Shopify Store
  • WooCommerce vs. Shopify
  • BigCommerce vs. Shopify
  • Amazon vs. Shopify
  • Shopify Plans and Pricing


Setting a Rock Solid Foundation

  • Shopify Guide
  • **READ (URGENT): Don’t Go Off-Grid, You’ll Fail
  • To Ship or Not To Ship, That is the Question
  • The Easy Way to Pick Your Business Name
  • Picking Your Theme
  • Where to Get Stock Photos For Your Store
  • Setting up an External Blog and Shop URL with Shopify
  • Setting up a Custom Shop URL with Shopify
  • Unsubscribing From Pounding Emails and Automatically Fulfilling Orders


Creating a Homepage That Converts

  • Headers
  • Navigation
  • Welcome Your Visitors
  • Popular Products
  • Encourage Your Visitors
  • Your About Me Section
  • Footer


Creating a Store That Converts

  • Remove “Powered by Shopify”
  • How to Hook Up ConvertKit to Your Shopify Store
  • Setting Up Tabs on Product Pages
  • Changing Your Logo on Customer Emails
  • Your Customers View: How to Download Shopify Store Products
  • Setting Up Google Analytics For Your Shop
  • Backing Up Your Store Theme (1:31)
  • How to Charge for VAT Tax (5:27)
  • New Digital Goods Sales Tax
  • Being GDPR Compliant
  • Opening Your Store: Going LIVE (Taking the Password Off)


Products: Your Biggest Asset

  • How to BETA Your Products and Create Them in Record Time
  • Adding Products to Your Store
  • Description Placement in Products
  • Adding Images to Your Products
  • Adding Videos to Your Products: Flipbooks
  • How to Add Products to Your Store Quickly
  • How to Price Your Products
  • Essentials to Getting a Product to Convert
  • How to Successfully Introduce a New Topic in Your Shop


Easy Guide to SEO

  • Titles
  • Pictures
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Search Engine Listing Preview
  • Sidebar Navigation
  • Increase the Number of Links in Your Store


Collections, Connections, and Compensation

  • All About Collections and Tags
  • Automatic Collections Hack
  • Connecting Social Media Buttons
  • Connecting Payment Processors
  • Setting up Discounts
  • How to Connect Your Blog and Store


Shopify Legality, Disclaimers, Refunds, and Bylines

  • Refund Policy
  • Terms of Service
  • Technical Support
  • Abandon Carts
  • Great Customer Service
  • Do You Need an LLC.? Bookkeeper? CPA?
  • Protecting Yourself Against E-Check Fraud


Top Must Have Apps

  • Top App #1: Heatmap
  • Top App #2: Fraud
  • Top App #3: Downloads
  • Top App #4: Email Service Provider
  • More Top Apps: Courses/Paid Content Apps


Getting the Heart Right Before You Market

  • I Wanna See You Not Be Afraid
  • It’s Not About the Sale, It’s About the People
  • If It’s Not Helping YOU, It Won’t Help OTHERS
  • Using Your Influence For Good
  • You’ll Still Have Problems at the Top
  • Find the Loophole in Everything
  • Living in Light of Your Purpose
  • Refuse to Stay Down


Dream Big, Be Unique, Live Generously

  • If People Aren’t Laughing….Your Dream Is Too Small
  • Always Get the Last Word
  • You’re Not Seeing The BIG CARROT!
  • Treat Giving Like a Competition
  • How to Set Yourself Apart From the Crowd
  • Focusing on Yourself is the Surefire Way to Kill Your Business
  • You Succeed When You Know Who’s Boss


Marketing Your New Passion

  • Free Ways to Market Your Business
  • Be Networked
  • The Key Elements to Advertising Your Shopify Store on Your Blog
  • How to Get Your First 1k Email Subscribers
  • The Best Way to Get 5,000+ Sales INSTANTLY!
  • The Right Way to Advertise Your Shopify Store on Pinterest
  • The Right Way to Advertise Your Shopify Store on Instagram
  • 25 Best Ways to Market Your Shopify Store
  • The Smart Way to 5x Your Email List
  • How to Get More Subscribers and Sales Instantly
  • Quickest Way to Get Fresh Eyeballs on Your Stuff


All About Customer Reviews

  • Reviews Sell Your Stuff…Period!
  • Product Reviews App {Choice #1}
  • Product Reviews App {Choice #2}
  • Dealing with Negative Reviews


The Confidence to Win

  • What If No One Believes In You
  • Instantly Set Yourself Apart From the Pack
  • It Wasn’t a Huge Success…At First
  • Don’t Do This Marketing Tactic (Tripwires)!!!
  • Truly Being Prepared for Success


Finding the Hidden Ways to Succeed

  • See Failure as a Hurdle to Jump, Not a Brick Wall
  • Common Pitfalls: Two Months In
  • You Gotta Track It
  • Track Conversions Like You’re Life Depends On It…Because It Does!
  • 3x Your Revenue With One Strategy (1:46)


Case Studies

  • Sales by Discount Codes
  • 2020 Daily Planner
  • Rainbow Dots Bible Verse Wall Art


Bonus #1: Free Binder

  • Marketing Planner {40+ pages}


Bonus #2: Free Q&A Coaching Sessions

  • What is the most important thing to do when starting your own Shopify?
  • Can I set up a successful store with only a few products?
  • What have you found to be the best copy to write for your products?
  • What is the best way to advertise and get your name out to potential customers?
  • How do you run large discounts on products and get the cart value up at the same time?
  • How can you set your shop apart from other Shopify stores in your same niche?
  • How do you stay creative about new products?
  • What happens if Shopify goes away one day?
  • Do you sell your products apart from Shopify?
  • What do you do when you’re discouraged to keep moving forward?
  • What have you sold the most of on here? And why do you think it sold the most?
  • How do you know what to give away and what to sell?
  • How do you stay focused and organized every day?
  • … and more!


Bonus #3: Free Store Optimization Critique

Setting up a winning store is vital to your success. After you’re done going through the course and have everything set up on Shopify (within 365 days of your purchase), simply send me your store link along with your three main goals for your shop and I’ll do a full optimization critique of your site. I’ll look over your store in depth with a magnifying glass, my eyes laser targeted on your stuff, looking for ways to improve, pitfalls, anything that will help you go even FURTHER!





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