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With UnlockAI, you gain a proven, AI-driven LinkedIn strategy designed to elevate your online brand and reputation.

The program exposes the same ‘ai system’ the founder, Matthew Lakajev 🚀 used to go from zero to top voice on LinkedIn and $1M+ in revenue without paid ads.

Experience a seamless journey to LinkedIn success through our step-by-step program.


  • A LinkedIn profile makeover into an AI-driven lead machine.

  • Outbound engagement strategies to convert messages into meetings.

  • Leveraging AI for infinite content creation for you and your team.

  • Mastering engagement to convert followers into customers.


Program outcomes:

  • Optimised LinkedIn profile.

  • An effective outbound engagement system.

  • Mastery over AI-assisted content creation.

  • Enhanced audience engagement.


By the end of the program, you’ll be equipped with advanced AI insights, content creation strategies, and automated tools, uniquely positioning you to leverage AI on LinkedIn for unparalleled growth.


1. Program Overview

Everything you need to know to grow on Linkedin.

Gain a competitive edge by leveraging early Access to AI-driven tools, proprietary strategies, and systems designed specifically for optimising your LinkedIn profile. Shortcut the typical 12-month learning curve and avoid trial and error by tapping into our exclusive insights.

UnlockAI unlocks:


2. Program Inclusions

Unlock an AI-powered, LinkedIn growth system, developed by real-world experience—and the proven success of 100+ professionals.

Master LinkedIn growth through a series of screencasts and expert support that guide you step-by-step. Our advanced, AI-powered system is designed to teach you everything you need to transition from a beginner to a pro, with hands-on assistance to get you set up.


  • LinkedIn brand transformation
    Transform your LinkedIn brand and profile into a high-converting landing page. Learn the optimal structure, focus on key features, and position yourself as an industry influencer. Build an effective LinkedIn funnel to capture leads and streamline your sales process.
  • Develop an AI-driven content system
    Create a personalised AI-driven content system capable of generating a new, high-quality post every 20 seconds without you typing a single thing. Use templates from top LinkedIn creators for quick, effective strategies. Drive even more reach through our engagement system, content calendar and structured strategy.
  • Setup an automated outreach system
    Boost profile visibility with our manual or automated engagement plan. Convert interactions to meetings with our proven outreach messaging and automations for mass messaging and connections saving you 1-2 hours a day. Turn profile views into warm leads with our Sell By Chat messaging structure– make LinkedIn a lead-gen machine.
  • Online training platform & support
    Engage in self-paced training modules, designed for 20-30 minute learning intervals, making it convenient for those with busy schedules to revisit material as needed. Benefit from regular updates in the fast-paced, evolving field of AI, to maintain a competitive edge.


3. Additional Resources

Tools, resources and community access to fast-track your LinkedIn growth journey.

Benefit from AI-driven tools, expert tutorials, and a community of professionals, where you can seek advice, receive feedback, and accelerate your transformation into a LinkedIn pro.


  • Coaching from top influencers on LinkedIn
    Join our 2x weekly 90-minute group consulting sessions to troubleshoot any issues and ensure the system is optimally functioning. Also join our live, weekly, 90 min masterclass from LinkedIn top influencers like Justin Hardy, Audrey Chia, Steve Schmidt, Julius Bieliauskas and Ryan Musselman. These sessions give you direct access to thought leaders, and are private masterclasses designed so you walk away with massive value.
  • Growing library of AI tools & resources
    Access a curated list of essential AI tools aimed at amplifying your LinkedIn growth. Benefit from hands-on training sessions led directly by the software providers. Stay ahead of the curve with a continuously updated library of prompts, templates, and how-to guides, as well as strategic updates to tools and resources. Stay equipped with the most current and effective solutions in the field of AI.
  • Insider knowledge & private community
    Dive into UnclockAI’s private community, with business leaders who share your drive for success. You’ll have unparalleled opportunities to network, collaborate, and exchange ideas. But the benefits don’t stop there. Our exclusive partnerships with leading figures in the AI industry provide unique insights, tips, and strategies that you won’t find in the public domain—learn from industry leaders at the forefront of AI innovation.


4. Money Back Guarantee

A program so effective, we stand behind it with a 90-day money-back guarantee 💸

If you apply all the strategies and tools outlined in our program, run the system for 90 days and do not get results, we offer a full refund.


5. Pricing

Save $1,399 and receive a special bonus offer.

Step up your AI game with our special 3-month offer. Typically priced at $4,999 this exclusive package is now yours for just $3,600.

Begin with an upfront payment of $1200 and provide up to 5 team members access to our groundbreaking AI program. With our 90-day money-back guarantee, there’s only upside.

But that’s not all…

Bonus: Email Excellence Blueprint

Unlock the secrets to unparalleled outreach and engagement with the ‘Email Excellence Blueprint’ ($2,000 value). From strategy to execution, elevate every touchpoint and scale your email game.

What does the bonus include?

  • 1. Guide & Tutorial: Scale email results fast

    Dive deep with our extensive guide and tutorials tailored to elevate your email campaigns. Learn the intricacies of achieving an outstanding 50-70% open rate, and send out more than 5,000 emails monthly.

  • 2. Systematic program: efficient email setup

    This isn’t just another software—it’s a transformative program. Understand and implement an advanced system specifically designed to enhance your email outreach, ensuring your objectives are met and even exceeded.

  • 3. Process for ROI boost: secure cost-effective leads

    Our systematic process is the blueprint for acquiring high-quality leads without breaking the bank. Elevate your returns and see noticeable results without the exorbitant expenses.


6. Founder

Meet Matt Lakajev –Hey there, I’m the founder behind ‘UnlockAI’.

Matt, a sales professional who became a LinkedIn Top Voice using the secrets exposed in this program.

UnlockAI’s community base is equally impressive, ranging from industry veterans to newcomers, demonstrating the program’s universal applicability to growth on LinkedIn by leveraging AI.

Join Matt’s success and embark on your transformative journey with UnlockAI today!




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