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These modules are packed with actionable insights and practical techniques to help you build, monetize, and promote your personal brand.



Build Your Brand

Uncover your sparkle! Dig into your DNA, talk to your tribe, forge your message, position like a pro, and bam! You’ve got a brand that dances.


Lesson 1: Introduction

Embark on a journey through personal branding, breaking down walls and igniting a passion to move from the unknown to the known.


Lesson 2: Your Brand DNA Overview

Unravel your unique brand proposition by probing six core questions, carving a path through passion, problem-solving, and business model exploration.


Lesson 3: Your Audience’s One-Word Problem and Passion

Zero in on your audience’s one-word problem, offering solutions with laser-focused precision and clarity.


Lesson 4: Who Do You Serve? (Research/Results)

Speak directly to the individual, exploring demographics and psychographics to craft a tailored message that resonates with your ‘why’ as a ‘who.’


Lesson 5: Monetization Strategy

Unlock the golden grid of monetization, aligning your primary revenue stream with your true purpose and design.


Lesson 6: Brand Positioning Pt 1: Message and Uniqueness

Forge your brand’s unique message, distilling your truth into an actionable statement that lives at the core of who you’ve been and who you’re called to be.


Lesson 7: Brand Positioning Pt 2: Your Brand Positioning Statement

Unearth the underlying cause of your audience’s struggle, weaving a powerful positioning statement that resonates on multiple levels.


Lesson 8: Titles

Craft compelling titles that sell the destination, not the journey, inviting curiosity and alignment with your brand’s essence.


Lesson 9: Your First Positioning Tool

The Expert Bio: Sculpt a captivating expert bio that packages your credibility, mission, and passion, ensuring your first impression is fearless and clear.



Building Your Revenue Engine

Rev that revenue engine! Blend offers, polish your content like a diamond, grab attention for free, and watch your bank account ring “cha-ching!”


Lesson 1: Introduction to Your Revenue Engine

Kickstart your success engine by focusing on relationship building, strategic planning, and immediate implementation, turning referrals into revenue conversion.


Lesson 2: Offer Structure

Navigate the intricacies of pricing and packages, choosing between collapsible offerings or bundled pricing, all while adding urgency with well-crafted limiters.


Lesson 3: The Content Diamond

Polish your marketing through the Content Diamond strategy, utilizing amazing free content as your engine fuel, competing for attention, and automating your content creation.


Lesson 4: Free Traffic Sources

Harness the seven pillars of promotion, ranging from podcasts to social media, utilizing free traffic sources to connect with your audience and keep them engaged.



Pressure Free Persuasion

Sell without the squeeze! Embrace the ethics, befriend your clients, listen like a detective, close with class, and turn “No way!” into “Today!”


Lesson 1: Introduction & The Service-Centered Mindset

Shift from a self-centered approach to a service-centered mindset in sales, using ethical forms of persuasion, focusing on the client’s best interest, and committing to ensuring everyone wins.


Lesson 2: Relationships and Referrals

Build sales through fostering genuine relationships and leveraging relational equity, focusing on giving, building trust, and using deliberate strategies like volunteering, supporting, and using platforms like LinkedIn to grow referrals.


Lesson 3: Discovery

Learn to understand your target audience’s needs by encouraging open dialogue, discovering their core principles, and aligning your approach to what they believe in and operate by.


Lesson 4: 9 Categories of Closing Questions

Apply service-centered hard closing when necessary, emphasizing what’s best for the client, while being forthright if the product or service isn’t the right fit, aligning the closing strategies with ethical considerations and the client’s real needs.


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