Melissa Henault – Business Basics Accelerator 2024

Downloadable: Melissa Henault – Business Basics Accelerator 2024

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What You Get:



  • Branding (Visual and Brand Voice)
  • Email Marketing (Newsletters, Sequences)
  • Podcast (Including private podcasts)
  • Freebie/Lead Magnet
  • Build Your Brand on Social (YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram)





  • Offer Creation
  • How to Create Your Offer for Conversion
  • Customer Journey
  • Pricing and Packaging
  • Evergreen Sales System
  • Conversion Events – Create one that will work for you!
  • Ascension and Retention Models





  • Tech Optimization (Funnels, Landing Pages, Launch Tech, Email Systems, Productivity)
  • Finance
  • Legal





1. Proprietary BBA Method Vault

Whether you’re starting fresh in your business, stuck, or ready to scale to new heights, this vault contains everything your business needs with 0% fluff.   Our vault is continually updated with new trainings based on what you need and what’s going on in the business world.


2. Custom Learning Curriculum

Not everyone is in the same position with their business – and when you fill out your intake form, our expert team will put their eyes on YOUR business and prescribe the best plan for you over the next six months – no cookie cutter approach here!


3. Blueprints for Success

Steal our 7-Figure Frameworks! Templates?  We’ve got ’em.

Lots of them!  From email sequences to onboarding structures, landing pages, and everything in between, you’ll never be stuck starting from scratch.


4. Weekly Interactive Coaching and Feedback

Have you ever taken a course and had more questions than answers?

We have.  That’s why with each module you complete, you’ll turn in homework and receive individual feedback on everything that you’re working on.


5. Live Hotseats with Melissa and Jackie

Monthly hotseat coaching with Melissa Henault and Jackie Denewitt.  Sometimes you just need to talk through it – and that’s exactly what these sessions are for!


6. 2 Live In-Person Events

Nothing beats the energy of an in-person event.

Burnout to All Out Live will be held in Austin, Texas October 4th and 5th and the BBA Roundtable will be held in Davidson, North Carolina  June 20th, 2024.


7. Interactive Sales Coaching with Natasha Hemmingway

What’s an offer if you don’t know how to actually sell it?

Sales is not a skill most of us were born with.

Lucky for us, we’ve enlisted top international coach, Natasha Hemmingway to come in for monthly coaching and feedback.


8. An Incredible Supportive Entrepreneurial Community

Our community is the BEST.

If you’ve worked with us before, you know this!

Whether you’re looking for networking, collaboration, or just support – this community is exactly what you’ve been looking for.



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