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What You Get:


You’ll create a repeatable, top-notch client experience.

Inside PWD you’ll have scripts, canned emails, plug-and-play templates and Dubsado tech tutorials that show you how to automate and streamline your client processes from start to finish. Every single project will get the same thoughtful touchpoints, support and attention from you!

You’ll realize you’re not “just” designing a website for clients.

I’m gonna help you uncover all the work you put into your projects so you can see just how much you’re pouring into each and every client. Once you understand that you’re not “just” designing a website, you’ll realize your services deserve higher prices. I have exercises and lessons in the course to help you articulate your value to clients, too 🙂

You’ll increase the value of your services by offering better website designs.

Inside PWD you’ll get access to two major value-adds that allow you to increase your prices: copywriting support and website strategy. It’ll be kinda hard not to charge (or build up to) $5k+ for your services!



Step 01: Clarify

We start with clarifying your vision because this is where the real magic happens! You’ll spend HALF your time inside PWD covering this step because this is how you build a business that works for you (step 1 is reflective, steps 2-4 are more plug-and-play).



Get organized

Creative entrepreneur mindset

Map your vision and income

Organize your business tasks and schedule



Set your foundation

Create packages + add-ons

Outline your process + timeline

Determine your rates



Market yourself

Map your ideal client and learn about the buyer journey

Develop your “it factor”

Create your marketing + sales plan


Templates + resources: vision + income worksheet, organized business worksheet, map your schedule worksheet, package and process worksheets, ideal client + market research worksheet, buyer journey worksheet, developing your it factor worksheet, marketing + sales game plan, my service guide + service guide planning worksheet



Step 02: Equip

One of the most overwhelming things about running a design business is figuring out your tools and tech. THERE ARE SO MANY OPTIONS! We’ll set up the tech basics in this module and get all your workflows set up for success.



Tools + tech

Dubsado basics

Dubsado canned emails

Dubsado packages

Setting up your online scheduler in Dubsado

Setting up a project template in Asana


Templates + resources: 30 canned client emails, Asana* project template

*Asana template can be adapted to your project management tool of choice



Step 03: Build

This step is where you build out the major systems of your business. Once you have the following systems streamlined, you’re gonna be left with SO MUCH time and energy to be creative, focus on your clients and market your business.



Getting clients

How to set up your “new lead intake questionnaire”

How to set up your lead capture form

How to nail your discovery calls



Your booking process

How to set up your proposal + contract templates in Dubsado

How to prep your project systems

How to set up a client onboarding workflow in Dubsado



Collecting content

Laying the groundwork for a streamlined content collection process

How to set up your client homework

How to tweak your process to develop a voice + tone for your client

Form the final copy for your clients



Presenting work & gathering feedback

How to present your website projects

How to guide the feedback process



Offboarding clients

How to wrap up your projects like a champ


Templates + resources: New lead intake questionnaire, lead capture form sample, sales call meeting agenda, canned emails, proposal sample, contract sample, Website Content Guide, voice + tone exercises, presentation + feedback form sample, project wrap up checklist, project feedback form (to send clients)



Step 04: Optimize

Once you work through the first 3 steps it’s time to OPTIMIZE your business. This step is where you pick ONE “level up” project to focus on at a time until your business is completely optimized.



Optimize your website & portfolio

I want the whole internet to clearly know what “your thing” is and how to book with you! We’ll cover messaging on your website, creating a portfolio that sells and increasing traffic to your website.



Optimize your sales funnel

This is where we take the simple sales funnel you created during step 3 and upgrade the crap out of it so that it’s extra magical and attractive to your ideal client 🙂 10+ pages of step-by-step instructions and examples!



Add website strategy to your process

Add MAJOR VALUE to your services and increase your prices with confidence! You’ll get a strategy call script and lessons on mapping out your client’s website strategy so you can deliver better results.



Client leveraging

You work REALLY hard to get clients, so why not leverage those relationships to get new ones? I’ll show you how to set up a SIMPLE low-tech referral system that allows you to use the network you already have, using nothing more than a simple spreadsheet and a canned email.



Diversify your income

It can be good to develop ongoing services and supplementary services (or even digital products) to create recurring revenue and stabilize your business. I’ll show you how to present your ongoing services or develop + sell a simple evergreen product to diversify your income!



Advanced Dubsado set up

Dubsado is a SUPER robust tool but we only cover need-to-know information in the first 3 steps (to save your sanity). You can use this module in step 4 to dive deeper into the tool and learn extra ways you can use Dubsado to streamline your processes and workflows.



Hiring support

In this module you’ll think about what support would be most helpful as you build out your team. We’ll go over where to find these people, how to create a job posting, what to ask during interviews and other things to think about as you hire support for your business!



Metrics & data

Collecting data helps you understand your growth and empowers you to make better decisions for your business! I’ll break all of that down for you and give you simple spreadsheets you can use to track your progress and keep an accurate pulse on the health of your business.


Templates + resources: Strategy call meeting agenda, referral system swipe copy to send your clients, design credit tracking spreadsheet, canned emails, ongoing service ideas, Dubsado tip library, hiring worksheet, weekly business metric spreadsheet



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