King Khang – Complete Wholesaling Playbook

Downloadable: King Khang – Complete Wholesaling Playbook

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This Package includes tons of content at a Great Value Price!

✅ Instructional Videos ranging from How to Setup Your Company Name

✅ Free Ways & Pay Ways to Find Motivated Sellers

✅ Finding a Title Company

✅ Free Ways & Pay Ways to Find Cash Buyers

✅ Tons of Marketing Instructional Content From The FREE Ways To The Pay Ways

✅ Learn How to Wholesale both Locally & Virtually

✅ All the Contracts You will Need for wholesaling & Instructional Video showing you how to use and fill it out

✅ Day by Day Instructional Video on How to Get Your First Deal

✅ How To Find The Hottest Zip To Target Regardless Of What States You Lived In

✅ How To Pull Distress Property List To Target

✅ How to scale your wholesaling biz to 6 figure a month With system and team in place

✅ How To Deal With CASH BUYERS

✅ Where and How to hire VA (Virtual Assistance) To Help you scale your business

✅ Over 12 Live Recorded Seller Call Videos for you to listen to

✅ Handling Seller Objections Videos

✅ How To Pick  A Market To Start Wholesaling regardless of the state you lived in

✅ Access to Private Facebook Group to network & Life Time Access To Course and FB Group

✅ King Khang Inbound & Outbound Seller Script For Cold Calling and Making Offer Over The Phone

✅ Much Much More!




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