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Unlimited lifetime access to Kim’s Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class. For those who want to discover hundreds of A-list secrets to writing multi-million-dollar, royalty-paying controls. Get ready to say “goodbye” to the “flat-fee project grind” and formulaic, “me, too” copy…and “heck, yeah!” to the potential for 4 and 5-figure royalty checks and more free time to spend the way YOU want!


Here’s everything you get in my Million-Dollar Control Breakdown Master Class as soon as you join:

●    Six in-depth multi-million-dollar control breakdowns, including video and audio recordings as well as complete, word-for-word transcripts. Plus, you’ll see me break down or discuss controls I went head-to-head against…including controls copy chief-ed by top A-lister Parris Lampropoulos and two written by David Deutsch and other top copywriters.
●      57 “in-the-field” swipes, variants, and split tests you can model, adapt, and pull ideas from for your next project. (Don’t worry about “swipe overwhelm”. Because I’m walking you through each and every one. Telling you what worked, what didn’t, and why.)
●      Six “takeaway” documents for each control breakdown distilling the most important secrets, strategies, and tactics. Each contains at least 6 to 8 pages of the most powerful concepts that you can quickly refer to whenever you need a helping hand. Not only will they help you develop the mindset and psychology of an A-list copywriter, they provide a kind of “road map” for approaching each type of promo.
●      A bonus control breakdown from a behind-the-scenes, invitation-only call hosted by Agora Financial.  You’ll get my full interview with Joe Schriefer and David Garfinkel, plus the complete, word-for-word transcript and promo swipes of this highly-successful anti-aging supplement sales page.
●      A second bonus control breakdown of the financial promo I wrote that beat the great Jim Rutz not just once, but twice!  You’ll get my video and audio breakdown that walks you through the tactics I used to get my initial control and then revive it for a second run. Plus you get a summary of key takeaways, my original control promos and multiple cover and lead tests, and a glimpse of the Rutz controls I had to beat.  Packed with timeless lessons you’ll profit from for years to come!
●      Exclusive, in-depth training on Supplement Copy Compliance Secrets. You’ll speed your way to knowing how to write compliant copy that actually sells…and discover how to keep you and your client out of trouble!
●      The one tool you won’t want to be without—my Royalty Negotiation “Cheat Sheet”. You can easily read this in one short sitting and use it to quote higher fees and lucrative royalty arrangements…as early as tonight!
●      The famed Gene Schwartz Phillips Publishing lecture transcript. I consider this mandatory reading for any copywriter who wants to get really good at writing copy and understanding the psychology behind it. You’ll want to refer to it again and again—I know every time I do so I pick up another valuable insight!
●      A shot of confidence knowing you’re armed with proven A-level strategies that have made hundreds of millions in sales for my clients over the last 20+ years…and can help YOU rack up control after control!

Take a look at what’s instantly available to you when you join now…

Million-Dollar Control Breakdown #1: CircO2 supplement (Advanced Bionutritionals)

Strong current control that’s been running successfully since early 2017 as an online sales page, VSL, and direct mail promo

Promos for Control Breakdown #1: CircO2

Million-Dollar Control Breakdown #2: Superfoods Rx book (Boardroom)

 “Bookalog” direct mail promo that mailed for 10 years as the control for the publisher formerly known as Boardroom. This promo presents a “soft offer” for a book about the healing power of superfoods. First mailed in 2007 and reigned as the control for at least 8 years, then brought back to life later online and in the mail for at least 2 more years. Promo was last mailed in 2016.

Promos for Control Breakdown #2: Superfoods Rx

Million-Dollar Control Breakdown #3: Advanced Memory Formula (Advanced Bionutritionals)

Promos for Control Breakdown #3: Advanced Memory Formula

A selection of control promos and tests that ran between 2010 and 2016 for Advanced Bionutritionals’ Advanced Memory Formula…including revisions and tests done in 2012 and 2014 for new formula additions. Also includes the two previous control promos Kim beat with her new control back in 2010.

Million-Dollar Control Breakdown #4: My Sinus Miracle (Green Valley Natural Solutions)

Kim wrote this launch promo for Green Valley Natural Solutions’ new sinus supplement, called “My Sinus Miracle” in June 2018. It’s been the control since and has been one of the company’s biggest sellers.

Promos for Control Breakdown #4: My Sinus Miracle

Here you’ll find Kim’s current control sales page for Green Valley’s “My Sinus Miracle” product (PDF of the sales page as well as the order page). You’ll also find the previous control email, two newer control emails, plus a recent test email.

Million-Dollar Control Breakdown #5: Integrative Digestive Formula (Advanced Bionutritionals)

Kim’s long-running control for Advanced Bionutritionals, which she originally wrote in 2011 and is still being used as an online sales page and direct mail magalog to generate sales.

Promos for Control Breakdown #5: Integrative Digestive Formulas

Kim’s long-running direct mail “issuelog” control (in use since 2011) and a “slim jim” version that was tested and used briefly, along with two versions of the control written by David Deutsch that she had to beat (plus an offer test of one of them) that ended up being rotated as controls with Kim’s for several years…plus two different emails put together by the client and the online sales page version of her direct mail control.

Million-Dollar Control Breakdown #6: OPC Miracle Joint Complex (Nature Trade Center)

Kim breaks down this joint health supplement direct mail promo…one of the first acquisition promos Kim wrote. She explains why her initial try failed, and the lessons she learned from it and applied to making this new promo so successful. She also explains how she kept it “alive” for so long as a result of various tests. Lots of valuable lessons here that Kim’s applied to writing multiple successful controls since!

Promos for Control Breakdown #6: OPC Miracle Joint Complex

Kim’s long-running tabloid-sized direct mail control, along with various cover and format tests.

Bonus Gift #1: Vital Force Control Breakdown

Kim’s interview with David Garfinkel where she breaks down her long-running anti-aging supplement sales page control for Green Valley Natural Solutions. Included is the 30-minute audio recording, a word-for-word transcript, and PDFs of the sales page promo and the control and test traffic driver emails.

Bonus Gift #2: Supplement Copy Compliance Secrets

In this exclusive training, Kim explains why supplement copy is “different” from other types of copy used to sell books or newsletters…reveals “forbidden” words you should avoid using in copy…and gives you examples of creatively expressing your claims in ways that won’t land you or your client in hot water. Also included are promo examples of what NOT to do…plus 4 ways you can cover your “butt” when writing supplement copy. Also included are detailed slides for Kim’s presentation on Supplement Copy Compliance, including actual indemnification clause wording to include on your contracts…and a copy disclaimer to include when you submit your copy to clients. You get audio and video recordings of Kim’s training plus the complete set of slides.

Your Other Bonus Gifts

Here are two more fabulous freebies for wisely getting this course!

Bonus Gift #5: Kim vs. Jim Rutz Personal Finance Control Breakdown

Kim breaks down a control she wrote that beat a control written by the legendary Jim Rutz…not just once, but twice.
She wrote this control several years ago for a financial newsletter called Personal Finance. At the time it was one of the largest financial newsletters in terms of subscribers.
And while it’s been a while since Kim wrote it, it’s got tons of valuable lessons you can apply today to any copy you write–and for years to come!

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