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Part One: Showit 101

Find your official course welcome, a clear roadmap so you can visualize where we’re headed, and better understand your future test projects. We’ll also be covering a few platform basics, such as the differences between subscription tiers, picking a template (and situations when you would/wouldn’t use one), and WTF a Share Key is.



Part Two: The Showit Expert

Now that you’re well on your way to pro-status, it’s time to really cement your expertise with situational tutorials so you’re prepared for whatever you may later encounter. See you later, curveballs.



Part Three: Your Showit Design Business

Setting Your Business Up for Success

Including the best places to buy domain names
An overview of G Suite (now Google Workspace) so you can get & stay organized
Our choice CRM for creating a streamlined and professional client experience
Privacy Policy / Terms and Conditions Resources
Contract Resources



You’ll also get access to our CSS Code Snippet Library when you join.


  • Typewriter Effect

  • Countdown Timer

  • Spinning Graphic

  • Scroll on Hover

  • Marquee Scrolling



Live Bonus Trainings From Experts In The Online Space


Knowing how to create tutorial videos for your clients is something that a lot of Showit designers get stuck on! Learn how to easily create training videos that support beyond launch and empower your clients to make site updates on their own.


Creating Client Training Videos Worth The Watch


Learn the ins and outs of streamlining your systems, how to craft standard operating procedures that truly empower your team members to take ownership of their roles, and feel the ease that efficient processes provide along your scaling journey.









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