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In the Email Experts Deluxe Edition, you get all the videos for all the expert presentations, every minute of the two-day event, all the PDFs, the handouts, the money-making email templates, the proven income-generating formulas, all of it.


As well as a ton of other bonuses I’ll tell you about in just a minute that I’m adding to make this Deluxe Edition the only instruction you’ll ever need on how to build and monetize a money-making list.
In this Deluxe Edition, you get a detailed breakdown of what anyone who dreams of getting results like Mike’s MUST know about his approach to building and profiting from lists…
Plus even more advanced stuff that the pro marketers in the room scarfed down like a New York slice.
  • How to add 6,000 leads to an existing email list every single day WITHOUT creating an offer
  • How to Mike 4X’d his profits in just two hours a day — without spending hours creating content… posting on social media… shooting videos… or writing long form sales letters
  • ​The lead magnets that work best to attract “people with money” (and which ones completely bomb)
  • Mike’s top-performing “soft sell” email template. Generates more money than the best “hard pitch” sales emails in almost every split test. Best of all, emails based on this template are super-short and easy to write
  • How to dramatically increase profits from every name that gets added to the list. The secret is this clever redirect
  • ​The ONE email that nearly always outperforms all others. Mike breaks it down for you step-by-step
  • The key to getting Mike Geary himself to consider promoting YOUR offer. Like a winning lottery ticket for your email list!!
  • Subject lines that are getting the most clicks, opens, and sales from the man who sends millions of emails every week)
  • Mike’s brilliant “cross-niche” strategy for successfully promoting offers from OTHER niches. Dramatically increases the amount of money a list can generate


 Mike Geary


Here´s what I covered:

  • The simplest way to get your first 100 email subscribers in less than 30 days
  • The 12 most profitable niches to start with (and 3 you should avoid at all costs)
  • How to start an email list and turn it into fast profits (even if you’re not an expert and nobody knows who you are)
  • The #1 traffic source that puts “people with money” onto your email list (and how to get them there) Unbeatable when it comes to accumulating high-value leads.
  • The 7 magic words that will have people begging you to add them to your list
  • 3 super-simple copy-and-paste emails that almost always make the cash register ring…
  • The most profitable offers to send to your list. Why waste your time with anything else?
  • And much, much, more…


Jerrod Harlan

In Jerrod´s talk you´ll discover:

  • 7 PROVEN frameworks to write cash-grabbing emails with minimal effort
  • ​The “P.W.A.T.” email that pulled $5.28 million in sales from ONE email list in a single year
  • 25 money-making emails for you to swipe and profit from — starting today
  • The “Buyers foreplay” email that tickles your readers greed-glands and gets them ready to buy
  • Winning subject lines for you to plug-n-play. Watch your open rates soar.
  • The “Proof pusher” email that triggers your email list into a buying frenzy. (I don’t understand why he’s not just keeping this one to himself.)


Liss Graham

In Lissa´s talk you´ll discover:

In her talk, she uncovers her favorite tools for maximizing profits, beating email controls, and improving deliverability across the board, including:
  • 3 email tools that are like having a VA. (They will handle 90% of the work for you.)
  • ​A 4-Step Email “Checklist” responsible for bringing in over $13 million dollars a year
  • How to potentially 4X email revenue at lightning speed using ChatGPT
  • 3 little-known AI tools that write high-converting emails with just one click
  • Words you should never say in an email. They will send you straight to the sp*m folder.
  • What to say to get more eyes on your emails (and profits in your pocket)



Joey Percia

In Joey´s talk you´ll discover:

  • The easiest way to sell high-priced products ($10-25k) for your clients through email
  • ​Proven 7-figure emails for you to legally and ethically swipe
  • How simple “hand raiser” emails can rake in easy profits from your list
  • The “L.B.M.R” formula that pulls more sales from your email list almost like it’s on autopilot 
  • How to “hook-split” one idea into MULTIPLE emails to multiply effectiveness and response
  • The “P.E.S.” strategy that PERFECTLY times your emails for maximizing sales nearly every time



Lukas Resheske

In Luca´s talk you´ll discover:

Get ready to take advantage of secrets like…
  • If you’d love to land a lucrative $10k to $50k rev share deal as a copywriter, and you’ve got some copy chops, here’s what you need to do right now
  • Turn the tables and get clients to pitch YOU on high-paying rev-share deals
  • Exactly where you should be looking if you want to land 6-figure deals. Almost no one knows about this. 
  • How to potentially land high-demand email gigs with this pro tip
  • Why you should AVOID freelance websites like the plague


Ian Stanley

In Ian´s talk you´ll discover:

  • How to use story to turbocharge every aspect of your emails (and have your list eagerly awaiting the next one)
  • ​How to use the secret of “opposites” to get more opens, clicks, and sales
  • The weird pricing strategy that’s working like gangbusters (hint: it’s not raising the price, lowering the price, nor breaking it up into installments)
  • How to make a video go viral (even one about toilet water!)
  • How he got an 86% lift in response — without changing a word of the copy
  • Best open loop question hooks that irresistibly grab readers’ attention and keep it glued to your email
  • ​The 8-step “failsafe checklist” for building a high-quality email list as quickly and effortlessly as possible
  • ​The simple “camera hack” that subconsciously signals: “this video can be trusted”

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