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YouTube growth.

How to actually grow on YouTube and what to focus on.

As someone who went from 0 to over 700,000 subscribers in two years and is now gaining about 1,000 new subscribers per day, I can confidently say I know what it takes to grow a successful YouTube channel.

Titles & thumbnails.

Learn how to create titles and thumbnails that get clicks.

Everyone knows that titles and thumbnails are the most important part of the video. Because you could have the best video ever, but if your title and thumbnail are bad, no one will ever click on and watch your content.

YouTube algorithm.

The algorithm is a mystery. But not anymore.

The YouTube algorithm is a simple yet complex system. And if you don’t understand how it works and how to use it to your advantage, then it will be nearly impossible to grow on YouTube. Luckily, I’ve spend years learning how it works and will reveal the secrets to you in this course.

Video editing.

Learn how to edit engaging videos that grow a YouTube channel.

Your editing is your voice. It’s how you communicate your message to your audience. But if you’re not a good editor, how can you effectively communicate to your audience? You can’t. In this course I will teach you exactly how I edit my videos from start to finish.

And much more.

Get over 10+ hours worth of course content that you can learn from.

With an incredible level of detail and unmatched value, you won’t find anything else like the Pro YouTuber course. And with over 10 hours of high-value content, I’m confident that you won’t find any other course like this.
01. Introduction
Welcome to the introduction of the Pro YouTuber course. In this chapter, we explore the immense potential of YouTube as a content creator and give you insights into creating sustainable success on the platform. Throughout the lessons in this chapter, we’ll demystify the secrets of YouTube success, and work on setting the stage for your extraordinary content creation journey.
02. Getting Started
Are you ready to embark on an exciting YouTube journey? Look no further! In this chapter, we will confidently guide you through each fundamental step needed to start your channel. With our expert guidance, you can be assured that you will have all the tools necessary to successfully kick off your YouTube career. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started and make your mark in the world of YouTube!
03. Money
Money is undeniably a crucial aspect of YouTube, and it’s completely understandable if you’re pursuing a career on this platform to improve your financial standing. Fear not, my friend, for in this chapter, we will equip you with everything you need to know to massively boost your income through YouTube. By implementing the tips and strategies we’ll be sharing, you’ll be able to confidently navigate the world of monetizing your content on YouTube, and soon enough, your channel will be your ticket to financial freedom. So buckle up and let’s get ready to maximize your earning potential!
04. Topic & Ideas
Get ready to take your video content to the next level! In this chapter, you’ll discover how to confidently uncover exciting topics and ideas for your channel. Remember, great titles, thumbnails, and content are crucial, but topics are the foundation of a successful video. With my guidance, you’ll learn how to master the art of finding compelling topics that engage and captivate your audience. Get excited, because this chapter is going to take your channel to new heights!
05. Titles
Great titles are incredibly important for your growth and success on YouTube. Just like thumbnails, titles are one way you can convince a viewer to actually click on your video (or not). This chapter will equip you with the necessary skills to craft superb titles that will elevate your content.
06. Thumbnails
Welcome to the exciting world of YouTube thumbnails! In this chapter, we’re going to dive deep into creating highly effective and clickable thumbnails that will set your videos apart from the rest. We’re dedicating over 2 hours to this topic, covering everything from broad concepts like the importance of thumbnails, to the nitty-gritty details of taking photos and crafting eye-catching designs in tools like Photoshop and Canva. By the end of this chapter, you’ll quickly learn how to create thumbnails that catch the eye, pique curiosity, and ultimately drive views and engagement.
07. Scripting
Throughout this chapter, I will share with you valuable insights into scripting videos for YouTube. My years of experience producing high-quality content for YouTube have equipped me with the expertise to not only help you script your videos but also to explain the processes and techniques I use.
08. Filming
This immersive chapter is your complete guide to filming stunningly high-quality YouTube videos that make your videos stand out. By the end of the chapter, you’ll walk away with a deep understanding of the process, tools, and the skills needed to create videos that make an impact.
09. Editing
Get ready for an exciting journey as we explore my editing process from start to finish in this jam-packed, two-hour chapter! You’ll have a front row seat to witness how I masterfully edit my YouTube videos. So sit back, relax, and prepare to be amazed. By the end of this chapter, you’ll have a deep understanding of my editing techniques that you can use to take your own videos to the next level. So let’s dive in and make some magic happen!
10. Posting
Are you ready to take your video to the next level and reach millions of people? Excellent! In this chapter, we’ll confidently guide you through all the important steps required to ensure a successful YouTube upload. With our expert guidance, you’ll feel confident and knowledgeable in no time. Let’s get your video out there for the world to see – you’ve got this!
11. YouTube SEO
SEO or search engine optimization is a powerful way to increase your video’s visibility and grow your channel on YouTube. In this chapter, you will learn how to effectively integrate SEO tactics into your videos to expand your reach and attract more viewers. You’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to optimize your videos’ titles, descriptions and keywords for better search rankings.
12. Algorithm
It’s time to discuss the great and mighty YouTube algorithm. As a content creator, you may have heard the rumors of its ominous power. But fear not, for I can assure you that this algorithm is not a mystery to be feared, but a tool to be wielded. In this chapter, we will demystify the workings of the YouTube algorithm, and empower you to use it to your advantage.
13. YouTube Secrets
Join me in this exciting chapter as we delve into some crucial insider tips that most people who start a YouTube channel may not know about. Let’s explore how you can increase your views and subscribers and take advantage of the vast opportunities that YouTube has to offer. Many of the secrets in this chapter are secrets that successful YouTubers have been using for years to build a loyal audience and grow their channel. And now, you can learn them.
14. Your Brand
When you think of corporate brands like Apple and Coca-Cola, what comes to mind? Certainly there is a feeling or emotion that you could convey when you think of those brands. Well, the same thing should be true for your YouTube brand. And in this chapter I’ll teach you how to make your brand strong on YouTube and how to make it stand out.
15. Camera Confidence
The upcoming chapter will provide you with valuable insights on how to boost your camera presence and exude confidence like a pro. You will acquire practical tips on how to manage your nerves, enhance your body language, and develop a commanding camera presence to captivate your audience. By the end of this chapter, you will be amazed at how much more confident and charismatic you’ll appear on camera.
16. Mistakes To Avoid
In this chapter, I am excited to share with you my insights on how to avoid common mistakes that could hinder your success on YouTube. By implementing the strategies that I will be discussing, you will be able to confidently navigate your way towards becoming a long-term successful content creator on YouTube.
17. What Now?
Congratulations! You’ve completed the course. With your newfound skills, you have the potential to make a significant impact and establish yourself as a successful YouTuber. Always remember that you have what it takes to achieve your dreams and reach new heights. Keep pushing yourself, stay focused, and keep creating exciting content that your audience will love. In this chapter I will share with you a blueprint for what you need to do after you finish watching the course.


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