Jose Torres – Ultimate Scaling Course

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What Will You Learn?


You will learn how to create consistency within your ad account on Facebook & Tiktok. You will learn The importance of having control over the ad account which will allow you to spend more per day.




ou will get LIFETIME access to this course if you purchase today!
Soon, I’ll be making more modules on how to scale on Snapchat, Pinterest and TikTok Shop.



Who Is This Course For?

This course is more of a case study on how I took a store from $5k per to 40k in under 7 days. I then also go over how we scaled to $383k on blackfriday.

This course is for someone who wants to take their store to the next level.

The skill set and mindset is what will change your perspective on how you look at marketing. you may have had wins in the ecom game but wins are good but we have consistency and this is far more important.