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What You Get:


  • 20 rounds of Copy Riddles, each infusing a new A-list copywriting trick or tactic into your brain
  • Real-world demos of how to use these tricks and tactics in headlines, body copy, emails, and more



A fast, fun, mostly-done-for-you ride I call “Copy Riddles.”


In a nutshell, Copy Riddles is a tool that implants A-list bullet and copywriting tricks into your brain.

Copy Riddles is organized in a special format I call rounds. The rounds start out simple… and then get more and more surprising and interesting.

I’ll explain in a second what makes up a round. But first, let me tell you some of the A-list secrets you can own if you go through Copy Riddles:

• How to create “impossible” bullets from very possible ingredients. 3 specific A-list techniques you can use any time. Round 8.

• Readers not biting? Maybe you’re missing the “problem mechanism.” Round 10 shows you what it is and how to slip it in to win over skeptical buyers.

• Gary Halbert’s “sex expert” trick for amping up desire and believability at the same time. Gary used it for his outrageous Killer Orgasms book… but you can use it in just about any market. Round 11.

• The deadly effective 30-second bullet tease. Round 9.

• The bullet element that seals the deal (and that you might enjoy writing the most). This separates master persuaders from everybody else. And you never have to miss out again once you play Round 18.

• Magic words for an instant boost in response. Round 14.

• How to short-circuit your prospect’s logical thinking so he buys instantly. Many aspiring copywriters swear by this bullet method for transforming their copy. Round 12.

• The 8-letter word that makes your promises, warnings, and proof irresistibly intriguing. Warning: If you use this indiscriminately, you can lose 90% or more of your sales. Find out what to do in Round 6.

• A sexy technique for writing bullets that leave other copywriters green with envy. Round 19.

• How to stir up intrigue with made up facts and figures. Safe and ethical — as long as you follow Round 17.

• The “black & white” trick underlying the best bullets. It goes against what some A-list copywriters will tell you to do… and yet it’s right there in their own copy. Round 15.



Copy Riddles the simplest and fastest path to owning bullets and achieving copywriting breakthroughs that I’ve found. Because…


Copy Riddles is based on Gary Halbert’s tested and proven advice. And it goes one step further.


Here’s the trouble with regular copywriting books and courses:

They just tell you stuff.

You read or watch a lesson… you nod your head… you think you get it. And maybe you do. At least some of it. But you don’t own it.

It’s not sitting there, in your head, ready to be summoned on demand the next time you want copy that sells.

Instead, once you put down the book or turn off the course, everything you think you learned washes right off, for the most part.

I know that’s how it is… because it happened to me plenty of times.

Ever since I started working as a copywriter, I’ve been reading books and following courses. Some of it eventually settled in my head. But much of it never did — not until I started applying it. That’s when it clicked.

That’s why Copy Riddles does more than just tell you the bullet tricks and tactics of A-list copywriters. That alone wouldn’t do much for you.

Instead, I knew it would take an exercise. Something you can do to make this a part of your neurology, to play the game, to absorb and internalize this skill.



I’ve come up with just such an exercise, and I’m very proud of how effective it is.


As I mentioned, Copy Riddles is organized in terms of rounds. Each round is simple and covers one specific A-list copywriting trick or tactic.

The round starts when I give you a short text. That’s your first copy riddle.

Your exercise is to write a few bullets based on that text. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, and you don’t know anything about anything.

Because I then give you the A-lister’s “answer” to the riddle. That’s the bullet that the A-lister wrote, based on that same exact text.

I point out and explain the trick he used. You see it. It makes sense. But then comes the crucial step:

You get a chance to apply the same trick yourself, and really make it your own.

Because I then give you a second copy riddle. It uses the exact same copywriting trick that you’ve just seen. Except now you know how the trick is done… and so you can apply it yourself.

And then of course, I send you the A-list copywriter’s answer to the second riddle.

That way, you can see exactly what he did and compare it to what you did… and you can absorb the A-lister’s skill and make it your own.

Once you’ve had a chance to see, experience, and internalize each A-list copywriting trick for yourself, the round is done. And then we move on to the next round, so you can get the next A-list copywriting secret downloaded into your brain.



This process is as simple, as fun, and as low-risk as possible.


You don’t have to be good to start. You don’t have to be creative. You don’t even have to be disciplined, beyond following what I tell you over and over, and that’s just to write a few bullets.

Because this process shows you how to write killer bullets. And then it gets you practicing the same, whether you want to or not.

I’m not trying to make this process sound easier than it is, or to suggest that you’re dumb or lazy.

But I know from personal experience how easy it is to get sidetracked and discouraged. Even with something you know is valuable and important to you.

That’s why I designed Copy Riddles as I did, to be automatic and to be fun. I designed it for myself — a person who is easily distracted, with a habit of half-finished projects, who prefers games and entertainment to study and seriousness.

Put your faith into this process. Blindly follow it. Do what it says, from start to finish.

If you do this, it will be a transformative experience. Because once you can write great bullets, you are in a separate class from the rest of the people walking the face of the earth.



The best time in 2023 to get A-list bullets downloaded into your brain


Copy Riddles is an evergreen program. That means if you don’t join Copy Riddles today, or next week, or next month, it will continue to patiently wait for you at this sales page.

That said, there are several good reasons why the best moment to join Copy Riddles might be today.

For one thing, the price of Copy Riddles is sure to go up.

I’ve been consistently raising the price of Copy Riddles ever since I opened up this program. Copy Riddles will never be sold for less than I’m selling it for now — but it’s sure to be sold for more, and possibly soon.

Much more importantly, if you do join today, you will have that much of a head start owning these copywriting skills.

You can apply your new Copy Riddles skills to transform yourself into a more valuable marketer and copywriter. You can use them in your own business to grow your own revenue, or you can use them in your client work to do a better job and make your client (and yourself) more money.

Just one of these A-list tricks and tactics could be worth thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to you. That might sound like an exaggeration, but it’s simply the nature of the world of marketing. Even a small advantage, multiplied over a huge audience, can create a fortune for you very quickly.


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