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What You Get:



These impactful lessons are concise, to the point and necessary in order to put your business on autopilot!



Laying the Ground Work


You can’t systemize your business without a strong foundation to build upon. You’ll set up your initial standards, systems, and operating procedures. This is easier than you think, even if your business is currently completely disorganized.





I walk you step by step through my signature system of finding the perfect virtual assistant for your business. A trustworthy VA you can afford, who is aligned with your vision, and who has the right skills. I’ve included every template and all the swipe copy you need for every step of the process. My method gets rid of all of the back and forth, email-chasing, and second-guessing.



Onboarding / Managing


Step by step easy to follow lessons that lay out my exact automated onboarding and management system. How to manage the day to day without a lot of headaches. What to do when problems spring up. How to build a team that takes ownership in your business.



The Systems


Identify what to systemize first so you see an immediate impact in your business… more time and more money. You will learn how to easily create processes that your VA will turn into systems. It is a system that creates systems!





Everything you need to swipe and deploy in your own business!



Steal my Systems Powerpack

Tutorials and templates for all of the micro-systems I use in my own business including:


  • Content Planning
  • Project Planning
  • Livestreaming
  • New Member Onboarding
  • Inbox Management
  • Podcast Production
  • Youtube Production

These will have you and your new VA powering through processes.



Front Row CEO Content Planning System


While it may look like “just” a planner, it’s actually a complete content creation system that will allow you to create 3 months worth of strategic content for your business in less than 2 hours! This is the exact system I use to create strategic content in my own business and I have taught this system to hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you.




 Let us train your VA!


+ FRONT ROW VA Virtual Training Program
+ LIVE VA Office Hours!



You’ll get FREE access to my signature course “Front Row VA” to give to your new VA. This course is filled with common onboarding trainings that a VA needs to get started.

In addition to tech trainings, there are some really rich in-depth trainings that cover some tough topics that you might not want to talk about with your VA, so we’ve done the “hard” work for you.

Some of the topics included in “Front Row VA” are: how to build a trusting relationship with your client, the importance of ownership and accountability, best practices for clear communication, how to be resourceful, how to use apps like Google Drive, LastPass, Trello, plus other tech tutorials and so much more!



LIVE Office Hours for your VA


I love this bonus because it was created by my VA, Neeca.

After you find your “perfect match” VA, they will be invited into our brand new VA Leadership Mentorship Community for three months.

This is a support group specifically for your VA, where they can ask questions from my own rockstar team of Virtual Assistants who will host regular livestreams, Q & As, and impromptu trainings, all aimed at upleveling YOUR business.





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