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What’s included? 


No more Googling.

No more watching everyone else launch and build the lifestyle business you want for yourself.

No more analysis paralysis.

Just a proven system, customizable tools, and all the course creator knowledge that’s in my marketing and funnels-obsessed brain.

If you’re with me, now’s the time to get excited because it’s about to be ALL yours.



Module One


Unlock the blueprint to digital entrepreneurs in the Foundation Module. This isn’t just a boring welcome video – it’s your golden ticket to understanding and mastering the art of the online course world.

Once you lay a strong foundation, the big blue sky (with a lake boat under it) is the limit.

Things like…

  • Entrepreneur Mindset: We dive into the brains of successful entrepreneurs. You’ll snag the secrets, the mindset, and the unstoppable drive.
  • Profitable Niche: Learn the streamlined process to narrowing down topics and focusing on your niche effortlessly
  • Course Lifecycle: We pull back the curtain on the life of a course, from initial creation to 7-fig business
  • $10k Gameplan: Get the keys to unlock consistent 5-figure hits, making your financial goals a reality




Module Two

Sketch Your Course

You’ve got a killer idea, but now it’s time to transform that vision into a strategic blueprint tailored to your ideal students.

In this module, we’re not just scratching the surface; we’re deep diving to sketch a course that’s engineered to sell.

You’ll differentiate your course to make sure it comes in HOT to the marketplace and stands out from the competition.

  • Discover proven strategies to identify and understand your perfect-fit audience and their pain points
  • Learn to stand out and dominate even in saturated markets with unique positioning
  • Transformation Unlocked: Deploy the Transformation Technique to create a course that’s not just informative but transformative
  • Create your own “Signature Framework” that will become the foundation of your course curriculum
  • Map Method: Every module and every lesson sketched to perfection, ready to create an unforgettable experience for your students


Module Three

Offer That Sells

Time to step into the marketing arena. This is the module where you will turn your course blueprint into a magnetic offer.

You’ll package up your course into no-brainer YES! for your perfect-fit students.

  • Uncover the secrets to enhancing course value that makes your program a no-brainer for students
  • Learn pricing strategies and sales triggers to make your course a must-buy
  • Discover how to craft a name that sells – it’s your course’s first “handshake” with the world
  • We’re peeling back the curtains to unveil the secrets of a Bonus Stack that silences objections and amplifies your program’s value
  • Easily create your sizzling sales page, that will look like you have a team of copywriters and designers at your beck and call



Module Four


Next, you’ll pre-sell your course to validate it before you spend any time creating the content. Yes – you’ll sell your course to your a group of founding students before you even create it!

This way, you’re 110% sure your course will be a bonafide success without wasting a drop of your time. (Buh-bye Imposter Syndrome & hellooo cash injection!)

  • Master proven marketing strategies to ensure your course reaches and attracts your target audience
  • Pre-Sale Magic: Unlock the art of a lean launch to sell your course to your first round of students
  • Simplify your launch with step-by-step technical walkthroughs and support
  • Toolkit Access: Gets your hands on the Live Launch Calendar, Playbook, Data Tracker, and a suite of tools that turn launch overwhelm into simplicity
  • Insider launch tricks to rinse + repeat your launches, making them bigger (and easier!) every time


Module Five


Now, with your founding students, you’ll deliver an unforgettable course experience that gets your students real results.

You’ll learn how to deliver a results-focused experience so you can turn your students into your biggest fans & collect those oh-so-juicy testimonials that’ll help sell your course on repeat.

The best part? Now you have a completely built out program you can sell over + over again.

  • Elevate the Experience: Master the art of creating irresistible course content that captivates, engages, and transforms your students
  • Content that Converts: Dive deep into creating high value course content, insightful lessons, and downloadables that students will love to binge on
  • Tech Mastery: Gain confidence by seamlessly setting up your course tech without a hitch
  • Discover the art of collecting raving



Weekly Office Hours & Monthly Coaching

And you’ll be supported every step of the way with student-favorite features like…

Got questions along the way? (Of course you do!). That’s where our elite coaching team comes in.

Think of our weekly Q&A office hours as your go-to spot for getting the clarity you need to keep moving forward. Jump into the group, ask your question, and get feedback in real time.

We also have monthly coaching, where Gemma answers YOUR questions. Each month, she provides latest trends or updates from the online course industry, followed by her hot takes on your questions. These are released on the first week of each month for the community.

Private Facebook Community

Inside the CCS Facebook group, you’ll connect with other course creators, get feedback on your ideas and work, and stay accountable.

You know those Facebook Groups that get crickets? The ones that you almost feel weird to post in because it’s a ghost town? Yeah, that’s the literal opposite of the CCS group. The CCS FB Group is an engaged and chatty place to be. If you want to join a hive-mind of other course creators, this is IT.

You’ll have lifetime access to this vibrant CCS community. Use this community and the coaching team as you need it!


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