Depesh Mandalia – FAATT Framework

Downloadable: Depesh Mandalia – FAATT Framework

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What You Get:


Full on-demand video training with step by step videos, written instructions and links for additional insights.

​How to bypass many of the iOS14 restrictions at no additional cost to you

No monthly fees for software you won’t use or need – we show you 80% of what they do for you, that you can instead install yourself at ZERO cost

​A solution designed for both tech and non-tech people

​Backed by SM Commerce agency experience overseeing tens of millions in annual trackable ads revenue

​Based on over 10 years research and implementation

Bonus 1: FREE GA Ads Analysis Template

Bonus 2: FREE Zapier Automation Templates for CAPI and Offline Conversions

Bonus 3: Attribution Breakdown Explainer

Bonus 4: iOS14.5+ Friendly Audience Targeting

Bonus 5: iOS14.5+ Friendly Campaign Building





Size: 3 GB
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