Dan Hollings – The Plan (Grid Bot Gold-Phase 1 Complete)

Downloadable: Dan Hollings – The Plan (Grid Bot Gold-Phase 1 Complete)

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INTRODUCING GRID BOT GOLD (not a beta phase)

Crypto Automations Masterclass

($10,000 Value)

Session 1:

Digital Gold – An Overview of The Plan & Crypto

Here we’ll break down:

  • Why the goal is to generate daily revenue with minimal effort and maximum safety (while still acquiring and HODL’ing high value cryptocurrencies!)
  • What coins are popular “HODL” coins… and why
  • The four core strategies to make crypto wealth (and why “trading” is frowned upon)
  • The 3-circled concept to help you manage risk
  • The Strategy-HODL-Reserve approach to crypto capital (boost returns, lessen risk)
  • The portfolio effect (and why you should strive for this as soon as you can)
  • Why “DO NOTHING” is our go-to strategy nearly all the time, once the crypto automations are up and running
  • Ignore headlines, rumors, and moonshots in crypto (do this instead)
  • And more…


Session 2:

The HODL Bot

Here you’ll discover: