Codie Sanchez – Build Your Newsletter Into a Business 2024

Downloadable: Codie Sanchez – Build Your Newsletter Into a Business 2024

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This course lets you in on the playbook Codie Sanchez used to grow Contrarian Thinking to 500,000+ subscribers and 4 million social followers in 2 years.

In Build Your Newsletter Into a Business, we share all the tools you need to build wealth and influence through your own email newsletter. In this self-paced course, you’ll learn how to grow your email list using social platforms and collaboration – without spending a single dollar on advertising.

We’ll also cover how to stack revenue streams inside your newsletter to make it earn its keep. We provide templates and guides covering everything from hiring your team to planning your financial projections and revenue models.

Plus, exclusive interviews with other newsletter creators will inspire you with stories of how they grew their own email lists and personal brands.


Course outline:

UNIT 1: Buckle Up MFers:

  • Welcome, future social media & email tycoons
  • What to expect & WTF you should listen to me


UNIT 2: The $306 billion opportunity:

  • Why email? Why a newsletter?
  • Learn from the biggest: Lessons from those who came before
  • The why is bigger than you think


UNIT 3: Your first step:

  • The what & why
  • How to pick your niche
  • Still lost on where to start?
  • The who & how
  • Before you start, read
  • When it’s too hard to write


UNIT 4: Your tech stack:

  • Your landing page & blog
  • Setting up your newsletter & landing page
  • Other tech tools that are awesome
  • Increasing your open rate & welcome sequence


UNIT 5: Da business plan

  • Really intimidating business plan
  • Setting goals
  • Team – and how to find ’em
  • Bonus video: Growing with the right team & KPIs


UNIT 6: Growth plan

  • If you build it, they won’t just come
  • Your first 1,000 subscribers in 1 week
  • Your first 10,000 subscribers: The step-by-step
  • Leverage others’ audiences
  • Platform hack: TikTok
  • Platform hack: Twitter
  • Platform hack: Instagram
  • Collaborations: An echo chamber
  • Psychology of email newsletters: Get in their heads
  • Buy then build: Growing via acquisitions
  • Bonus video: Alex Garcia on growth loops
  • Bonus video: Dan Held on how to grow your audience through multichannel presence
  • In summary


UNIT 7: Make that paper:

  • Pre-launch, always
  • You’re probably not charging enough
  • Paid ads: Using $ to grow
  • Bonus video: Jack Butcher & a $5M online business
  • Make sure you have a funnel
  • Bonus video: Chris Lema on membership & subscription models
  • Resource: Newsletter profit model
  • Resource: Expanded financial projections
  • Resource: E-downloads
  • Summary of money plan


UNIT 8: Now start the next biz

  • Trolls and haters – what you can expect
  • This is just the beginning
  • Bonus video: Nathan Barry & Codie Sanchez discuss the $1M newsletter
  • Growing a newsletter for corporate marketers
  • Bonus: Newsletter masterclass replay
  • Go forth and DO!

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