Christine Carrillo – The 20 Hour CEO

Downloadable: Christine Carrillo – The 20 Hour CEO

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What You Get:

  • 5 in-depth video replays of live cohort sessions

  • Step-by-step exercises to apply what you learn directly into your business

  • 10 Bonus Templates & Playbooks

  • Same course as my $5,000 live cohort without 1:1 coaching

  • Lifetime updates

  • Lifetime access


Master the frameworks to scale yourself and your business:


Unleash Your Secret Weapon: An EA

Learn how to work with an executive assistant to create leverage in both your business and personal life. Without breaking the bank.


Create Systems That Run Your Business For You

Develop a framework to easily create systems for anything you or your team do more than two times.


Recapture 20 Hour a Week

Leveraging simple delegation and automation frameworks, you’ll be able to free up time and protect your mental capacity.


Ruthlessly Focus On The 10% That Matters

Identify where the highest value and use of your time is within your business to build a scalable, predictable machine.


Make Faster, High-Quality Decisions

Develop a decision-making framework that takes the emotional burden and over-analyzing out of making decisions.



Bonus: My Playbooks, Systems, & Templates:

10 Playbooks & Templates You Can Steal


  • Bonus #1: Business Clarity Template

  • Bonus #2: Business Operating System Template

  • Bonus #3: EA Operating System Playbook

  • Bonus #4: Recruiting & Onboarding Playbook

  • Bonus #5: EA & Digital Ops Job Req Templates

  • Bonus #6: Decision Making Interview Questions

  • Bonus #7: Personal Contact CRM Playbook

  • Bonus #8: Sales Mini Machine Playbook

  • Bonus #9: Team Memo Template & Playbook

  • Bonus #10: Inbox Delegation System Playbook


Christine Carrillo

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