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By the end of the program, you’ll know…


  • How to turn more viewers into buyers by creating best in class photo cards and mockups for your listings while selling to your customers hot and cold points to increase conversions

  • How to build a Profitable Niches List with 100’s of bestselling listings that you can analyze, learn from and create your own bestselling listings from this data without having to spend hours scrolling endlessly through the search results wondering what to do next

  • How to create bestselling designs that will stand out in the search results by adding value instead of just copying what’s already there




In module one, you’re going to learn:


  • How to join the private Discord community

  • My top tips for finding success with going through this course

  • How to have a Millionaire Mindset to work past your self limiting beliefs and finally believe in yourself!

  • The most FAQ’s and Building blocks that you need to know that go into building a successful Etsy Print On Demand Business



In module two, you’re going to learn:


  • How to open your Etsy shop and your Printify accounts and get them connected.

  • I will show you what settings you need to enable and disable on Etsy.

  • We will go over how to brand your Etsy shop like a 6 Figure store so that you will look super professional without having to have any design skills



In module three, you’re going to learn:


  • How to research like a 6 Figure Seller

  • How to build a list of 100’s of bestsellers that you can work through one by one

  • How to build your offer for your listings to make sure that once a customer clicks onto your listings, they are much more likely to convert into sales


In module four, you’re going to learn:


  • The foundations of designs, what makes a good design, what sells well on Etsy and some of the common mistakes that people make along the way.

  • We will fully cover trademarks and copyright infringement to help ensure that you are safe with your designs

  • How to make scaleable designs

  • How to make trendy designs like the wavy text designs and clipping pictures to text to create patterned letters



In module five, you’re going to learn:


  • Common issues that customers face with print on demand and exactly how to handle them

  • Wether or not you should take returns and exchanges with print on demand and how to handle that

  • How to get more 5 star reviews for your store to help you grow faster and get more social proof. And how to handle bad reviews and difficult customers to convert them into good reviews.



In module six, you’re going to learn:


  • How to Create super highly converting listings

  • We will go over Mockup Mastery, what mistakes to avoid, how to make them look great and increase your click through rate

  • Full SEO walk through of how to use proven and profitable SEO for your listings

  • Learn launching strategies that will get your listings ranked in search faster and easier to get you those early sales



In module seven, you’re going to learn:


  • Get a full intro to Etsy ads tutorial

  • Learn what listings you should run Etsy ads on and when to know to turn them off

  • Learn how to optimize your ads so they are only shown to the most relevant customers that are looking to buy exactly what you are selling


In module eight, you’re going to learn:


  • How to create and handle selling custom and personalized listings

  • How to create Bachelorette Party Listings within Printify, full tutorial on what styles sell best and what mock ups to use

  • How to create multi product listings within your store to sell kids clothing with adult clothing all in one listing



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