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What You Get:



The Irresistible Offer


  • Package your existing course into an incredibly desirable offer with a promise, price, and position that speaks directly to the minds and hearts of your ideal customers.
  • Implement the secrets to structuring your offer in a way that strategically overcomes objections so that people find it completely irresistible.
  • Eliminate the “maybe later” objection by using our proven sales psychology that helps your prospects deeply understand that they absolutely can’t wait a moment longer to enroll without relying on tactics that are pushy, sales-y, or anything in between.
  • **Includes step by step videos, templates, and worksheets.**




The Profitable Webinar


  • Utilize authentic storytelling to build genuine connection with your audience from the start. Everyone has a story to tell and our framework helps you package your journey into a spellbinding journey your audience can’t wait to hear about.
  • Craft an engaging and entertaining webinar presentation that captures and keeps everyone’s undivided attention throughout your entire webinar
  • Master the art of gentle agitation using Connected Conversion™ to build internal desire within your audience in a way that will have them jumping at the chance to get their hands on the online course you’re offering.
  • **Includes step by step videos, templates, and worksheets.**




The Magnetic Message


  • Eliminate all the guesswork of figuring out what to say and when to say it, using our proven copy frameworks for each step of your sales engine – registration pages, thank you pages, emails, and more.
  • Create captivating copy that allows your authentic personality to shine through, helping your audience build a real relationship with your brand. No more cookie cutter funnels where everyone says the same thing.
  • Ensure your prospects receive the right message at the right time with a strategic sequence of content that illuminates pain points they didn’t even know they had and stirring desire with specific phrasing that will make your offer a complete no-brainer
  • **Includes step by step videos, templates, and worksheets.**




The Failproof Tech


  • Assemble your Profitable Sales Engine™ quickly and easily with our step by step instructions so you can get things up and running fast without fearing that you’re setting things up incorrectly.
  • Leverage the power of Behavior Based Automation™ throughout your sales engine to ensure that you’re guiding your prospects on a journey based on consent and permission – allowing them to choose their own adventure and move at their own pace.
  • Utilize tech that activates ethical urgency within each step of your sales engine, guiding people through the process of making a decision that’s right for them.
  • **Includes step by step videos, templates, and worksheets.**





The Data Dashboard™

Access our pre-built dashboard where you can track all the important metrics for your sales engine. We’ll show you how to track and measure your results and how to read the data to determine what needs to improve.


The Lucrative Follow Up Formula™

Generate new sales from old leads with our proprietary strategy for long-term follow up with prospects. The best part is it’s fully automated and runs on its own.


Sales Every Day™

Unlock an endless stream of HOT organic traffic straight to your Profitable Sales Engine™ with our Content Calendar for Coaches and Course Creators. Includes reusable monthly content calendar, posting schedule, 7 high-converting video script frameworks that build demand, hook ideas that reel people in, and more!


The Cash Maximizer™

Double your “Day 1” revenue when you activate your profitable sales engine with this secret strategy that will have people banging on the doors, just waiting for you to open up enrollment.


Evergreen Paid Traffic Mastery™

Learn the secret evergreen paid traffic strategy that Caitlin uses to send thousands of qualified leads to her Profitable Sales Engine™ month after month, generating millions in revenue for her online course each year. You’ll get real strategies Caitlin is using NOW including: The 5×10 Method™, 7 Point Scaling System™, The H-PASC Video Formula™, and Duplicate Copywriting Framework™.


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