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  • 7 LIVE Boot Camp Sessions! (Don’t worry if you can’t make them live. They’ll be recorded for you to listen to later!)


  • 7 LIVE Q&A Sessions! (If you can’t make them live, you can submit your questions in advance!)


  • Exclusive Monthly Zoom Webinar! Each month, I’ll do a webinar on Zoom exclusively for Acquisition Advantage Members! Please Note: This is not the same as the webinar I’ve been doing for previous Boot Camp Members. Those webinars will be discontinued in August and only Acquisition Advantage Members will have access to the monthly webinars.


  • Video Mini-Class – How To Set Yourself Apart From The Bots! Learn how to set yourself apart from your competition and stand out in any crowd!


  • My EXCLUSIVE Tools & Resources List! Why spend time and money digging around trying to find everything you need. Save both, instead, and get a jumpstarted using my exclusive list!


  • NEW Templates!  Why use what everyone else is using? You don’t want to sound like them, do you?


Size: 5.12 GB
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