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What You Get:


S E C T I O N  1




The “Invisible Elements” You Will Need

These are the secret ingredients to unlocking powerful communication, messaging, and content. This module taps into our philosophies, psychology, principles, and secrets around humans, energy, and how the mind works. Understanding this and going through it yourself will catapult your messaging and communication to an entirely new level. AND… you will be able to shut off the external world so you can move past fear, find the hidden elements of your message and remember who you are, and operate with full personal power.




The Power Concepts – Powerful People Create Powerful Messages

To truly create mind-blowing content you need to understand how and why your audience thinks the way they do. You need to understand how YOU and they both create their version of reality. When you understand this it becomes easy to unravel the part of their reality that causes pain and/or suffering. This is the foundation of what creates mind-blowing content and a POWERFUL version of you that leads to a discovery of powerful messaging.



S E C T I O N  2




The Journey To Expect

In this module you will see the entire map and pathway to becoming a New Generation Entrepreneur with mastery over your messaging and craft. We’ve identified and mapped out 6 phases everyone will go through and what is required to move out of each phase. After this module, you will know what phase you’re in, what to expect, and a pathway to get out of it as you navigate through the program. We also set expectations around testing, tweaking, and evolving your messaging and our philosophy around creating powerful and effective messaging.




Building The Ecosystem Foundation

Discover ALL 11 messaging elements and more through a series of training, worksheets, and exercises that go to the CORE. Messaging needs to be consistent. It should be effective and engaging no matter where someone is consuming it. They should automatically like you, want to work with you, and love your content. But, that only happens after they experience very specific elements. This is called your messaging ecosystem. With it, you will know what to say and how to say it without having to think. It should be automatic and effective! This is the foundation to all great messaging and we have multiple pieces of training, worksheets, and exercises to pull it all out for you. We will cover everything from your struggling avatar and Future Paced Hero, to forming your Unique Solution, specific library, deeper purpose, common enemies, and more!




Language Patterns + Frameworks

Learn the 26+ language patterns we use to PULL people in, create demand, and speak to the subconscious. Not sure how to communicate your message? We will fix that in this module! We will be diving deep into our language frameworks designed to speak to the subconscious of your audience. We show you how to get specific and speak so it lands clearly and creates automatic attention, demand, clarity, and engagement from your audience. You simply take all the messaging we help you pull out and plug them into these proven frameworks I have used to sell millions.



S E C T I O N  3




Content Types, Plans, & Ratios

As you likely know, we shouldn’t be doing 100% of any type of content. We need a mix of content types, topics, and styles. We give you our most effective styles of videos, live streams, images, podcasts, and more! We have over 25+ different content styles and formats between images, videos, podcasts, and more you can use with our messaging philosophy! We break down the most effective ways to create multiple types of content with your new messaging. With these content types and ratios, we create an effect inside our brand that gets our audience to automatically be drawn into us, like us, want to work with us, and feel like they are a part of our message.




Creating Powerful Topics & Titles

There is a science to pulling out the right video topics and avoiding the ones that could hurt your brand and messaging. We have all the title formats broken down for you! After creating thousands of videos in tons of different niches we’ve found the perfect process to identify the video topics for the fastest results. You will leave this module with a powerful list of topics that all fall within your messaging ecosystem and create demand for your offer and stand out so you get eyeballs on you fast!




Thought Reversal Content

Thought Reversals are a content concept we created and developed over the past 4 years. It’s the fastest and easiest way to stand out, shift perspectives, communicate differently, create demand, and be seen as a thought leader. Understanding Thought Reversals alone can transform your content and marketing. Inside, we dive deeper into what they are, powerful scripts & templates, TR frameworks, how to use them, how to identify the ones that will work for you, and the 4 different Thought Reversals styles you can use in content, copy, webinars and more. We have script templates, pull and play scripts, and worksheets that you can simply follow for effective messaging.




Connection Content

Connection content is a hidden concept because most people will look at it as “motivational” or “inspirational” content but it’s deeper than that. This is where you build a deep connection with your audience because you are intentional with releasing certain values, beliefs, and identities into your messaging ecosystem. This is where you get your audience to automatically like you, love you, and RALLY behind your message. We give you all our scripts, frameworks, exercises and more so you can nail connection no matter what type of content you’re using! You’ll find exercises, scripts, templates, worksheets, and more to NAIL your connection content based on the right values, beliefs, and identities.




What To Do Content

What To Do content is our way of saying Educational content. This does NOT mean tutorials. We have 6 different ways to create educational content and only 1 of them is a tutorial we call “The Persuasive Tutorial” because it pulls people in, engages them, and speaks to their subconscious while you go through your tutorial. If you’re ready to learn how to teach while creating demand instead of boring or overwhelming your audience then this module is for you! We have all the templates, exercises, worksheets, frameworks you need to get started today!



S E C T I O N  4




North Star Platform For Your Intellectual Property

Not sure what platform to use? Where do you post? Our answer may surprise you. We don’t care! We want to guide you through a process to uncover what is right for you, your business, and your message. Some people thrive on YouTube, some on IG… maybe it’s a podcast? We will show you how to find out what platform you need and how much you should be posting there in order to broadcast your IP, message, content, and unique solution!




Turning Content Into Marketing Goal

I never want you to guess with your messaging or marketing. You should KNOW what will work, especially when you go into a launch. In this module, we focus on testing your messaging, webinar titles, marketing, and more. We then show you how to take the data and craft messaging, titles, and communication you KNOW will work before you ever launch. This is where we show you how to take your messaging and content and turn them into golden launches, ad campaigns, and more. This is KEY to evolving your communication, messaging, content, and marketing!




Organic Posting Strategy

Just like platforms, we don’t focus too much on the “perfect” posting plan because there isn’t one. I’ve seen people thrive with all sorts of different posting plans. This is about you and what you want. You want to post once a day, great! You want to post once a week, awesome! You want to post 3 times a day, sweet! We will show you how to post and grow organically with whatever posting policy you want to create! We will give you options, recommendations and then guide you to grow with your content and message with whatever posting strategy you choose!




Paid Posting Strategy

Now that your content is created, scripted, designed, and posted it’s time to speed up the process. Although organic is great, it can also be slow. Let’s get you nearly instant views from the people who would LOVE your content and make sure they see ALL your content. This is how we get your views for a penny then make sure your viewers then see a thought reversal, connection, and what to do video one after another regardless of the platform they are on. You will be everywhere to the right person.

This is also where we start to test your messaging so you can adjust and evolve it quicker. It takes the guesswork out of what part of your message works and which one needs more tweaking. We have an entire process to run you through!




B O N U S  1


Messaging is something that is ALWAYS evolving. It is something that gets better and stronger over time. However, most people don’t know how to improve it, where to improve it, identify what’s wrong, or interpret data to bring your messaging to the next level.

In this LIVE call, I will be working through our process on how to evolve your message, pay attention to data, and know what to improve on when things are working out the way you thought they would.



B O N U S  2



YOU SHOULDN’T be making all the content yourself. Do you think successful people became successful because they did everything themselves or did they become successful because they did the things successful people did? They relied on a team and when I was broke I created a system that pumps out amazing videos on any budget.

We are going to give you everything from our job postings, on-boarding, sites, and processes to hire your first editor so they are GOOD and reliable. Everything from where to find them, how to find them, what to pay them, and how to bring them on is all included.

This will be training and resources to hire your first virtual or local editor depending on what you need!



B O N U S  3


We always walk our talk. Sometimes the best way to learn our messaging philosophy is to see it in action. That’s why we are leaving our 3-day event up for you to watch anytime you want!

As you go through the program and discover your messaging, learn the language patterns, and create your content you can come back and watch me putting it into action. You can see firsthand what I did, why I did it, and how I did it so you can do the same thing!



B O N U S  4


I want to give you our two most powerful Bootcamps. These are what we used to create demand for our main event, the 3-day Master Your Messaging workshop.

Yes, these Bootcamps will help you with your messaging… but that is what the program will do. Instead, I recommend you go through the program. Learn our philosophy and come back and watch them. You will see how we created demand, how we added value, the language patterns I used, frameworks I used, and more.

You will literally see all our messaging elements used inside these Bootcamps so you can watch firsthand how to do it yourself!



B O N U S  5


Messaging needs to keep the end goal in mind. Everything needs to be connected and your content needs to be connected to your offer. Your funnels should be a continuation of the messaging that works inside your content. Don’t reinvent the wheel. We will guide you on our process for creating effective messaging throughout your entire funnel and remove the guesswork on what may work.

This training shows you how to pull people in with your content and use the NGM messaging all the way through your entire funnel. When you see this, it will blow your mind how simple this can be and how destructive lure marketing can be (lure marketing is where you are luring people with juicy headlines at every step of the funnel). Let’s create demand throughout your entire funnel so people are begging for the next step.



B O N U S  6


This may be one of the most powerful bonuses you get but it’s also one of the things almost ALL entrepreneurs never realize is important. Look… New Generation Mastery will give you the messaging, language, content, and strategy but you might be using tones, speaking fluctuations, voices, and communication styles that push people away subconsciously.

This bonus with New Generation Mastery student, Tracy Goodwin, will show you how to speak so you can pull people in and convey your message with subconscious POWER. She has coached teams at massive companies and brands and online entrepreneurs like James Wedmore.



B O N U S  7


We have built a content MACHINE. Matt, our Chief Creative Officer, has built a system and workflow that allows us to upload video and it gets fully edited and back to us in multiple formats and styles. With these workflows, you’ll be able to set up a video system so you don’t have to touch anything yourself. You should be able to upload your filmed videos to Dropbox and have a process that gives you completed videos ready for posting. This is how we are able to create hundreds of videos without Brandon or even Taylor (COO) having to micromanage or be in the process.

In this live training, our Chief Creative Officer Matt will walk you through everything you need to know and help you with any questions you may have along the way.



B O N U S  8


We’ve been adapting the New Generation Mastery for podcasting and have seen our students crushing it by adapting this into their podcast strategy.

You’ll have access to a recorded workshop breaking down how we structure a podcast with this.


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