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Here’s What’s Included:


 In a world driven by AI innovation, your skills are in high demand. But to truly stand out, you need more than just knowledge; you need a strategic approach.
 Our program goes beyond the basics. We’re talking about immersive online training that dives deep into AI, giving you the edge in a competitive market. No more second-guessing – you’ll possess the tools and insights to excel. 
 Tools: You will be equipped with the exact tools used by top AI consultants. In addition, with our program, you’re not alone. You gain access to a supportive community, ensuring you’re never stuck at a crossroads.
  Credibility: Join a program backed by experts who’ve walked the same path. Our credibility is your credibility. With every module, you’ll inch closer to becoming the go-to AI consultant clients trust.
  Live Training: Theory is important, but practice makes perfect. That’s why our live training sessions are invaluable. Real-world scenarios, Q&A sessions, and interactive problem-solving – it’s all here.
  Certification: As you complete the program, you’re not just gaining knowledge – you’re earning a certified mark of achievement. Our CPD certification showcases your commitment to excellence.

Getting Started:

  • Introduction to AI Consulting:Begin your AI consulting journey with a focus on the fundamentals. Understand the pivotal role AI consultants play in modern business and uncover the key distinctions between AI and traditional consulting.
  • Setting Up Your Business: From structuring your company and selecting a fitting name to accessing vital resources like bookkeeping, payroll, and credit card solutions, this module provides a foundation for your consulting venture.


Getting & Working With Clients:

  • Getting Clients With LinkedIn:Elevate your LinkedIn game from crafting an optimized profile to creating engaging content, building a robust network, and showcasing your expertise
  • Getting Clients With Social Media: Uncover the power of social media for client acquisition. Establish your brand, craft credibility through valuable content, and leverage the potential of Facebook groups to connect with potential clients effectively.
  • Social Media Branding Kit: Discover the secrets of impactful social media branding with our ready-made templates.
  • Building an Award Winning Brand: Discover how to create an award-winning brand that stands out. Learn the strategies for pursuing prestigious awards and gain insights from our student’s success story.
  • Discovery Calls:  Learning the ins and outs of discovery calls and why they’re crucial for your consulting journey. Learn tools to enhance your calls, discuss post-call strategies, and gain valuable insights to set you on the path to consulting success.
  • Proposals:  Master the art of proposal writing. Learn to craft persuasive, well-structured proposals that captivate your audience and convey your value proposition effectively. Gain practical insights from real-world sample proposals and enhance your ability to win opportunities and achieve your goals.
  • Consulting Sessions. Learn the secrets of effective communication and consultation, from rapport-building to post-consultation success. You will get tips for during the session as well as tips on what to do after the session has concluded.
  • Speaking at Events:  This module guides you on how to prepare effectively, collaborate with event organizers, and maximize your impact afterward. This module helps you make the most of your speaking engagements.



AI Training:

  • Mastering AI Tools: Comprehensive training on the top AI tools including ChatGPT. Learn how a consultant can incorporate these tools into solutions for your clients and your business.
  • Harnessing Eleven Labs: Uncover the remarkable potential of voice cloning and the transformative capabilities of AI tools like Eleven Labs. Discover how voice cloning can streamline tasks, and gain insights into identifying ideal applications during client discovery calls.




  • Live Training Sessions:  Live interactive sessions where you can ask questions, deepen your understanding, and stay updated on the latest AI consulting trends.
  • Private Facebook Group: Exclusive space for ongoing support, access to replays, mastermind sessions, and building a thriving community of AI enthusiasts. Connect with fellow consultants, access valuable resources, and collaborate to enhance your AI consulting journey.
  • Case Studies:Explore the world of AI consulting through three case studies. We’ll walk you through our steps, from the first call to making a real impact in your sessions and figuring out how to charge for your services.
  • Association Website & Directory : Enjoy the exclusive bonus of being listed in our prestigious directory. Your profile showcases your AI consulting expertise and specialties, making it easier for potential clients to find and connect with you.
  • Presentations:  Unlock the art of dynamic and engaging presentations by watching Alicia’s masterful session. Gain inspiration and learn how to effectively present information with clarity and confidence, setting a high standard for your own consulting presentations. Editable Canva templates to use presentations as your own.




Accredited Certification: Conclude your transformative journey with our final assessment and earn a prestigious certification. This will bring extra credibility to your consultations!
AI Consultant Placement: Take your newfound knowledge and credibility and get placed in businesses that need you!
AI Insights Summit: Showcase your talent in our exclusive consultant showcase summit, The AI Insights Summit. Get exposure, new clients and real-life experience.
Alicia Lyttle

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