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11 Premium Templates (updated for the course, which you won’t find anywhere else)

Lifetime access to the course

50+ to the point, engaging videos

No boring Keynote presentations!

30+ Exclusive guides and resources



Discover the importance that The Client Process can have on your business. Learn how it can transform your experience from feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and uninformed into becoming knowledgeable, organised, and confident. This transformation empowers you with the confidence to increase your prices, handle larger projects, and run a successful design business with clarity.

You’ll gain instant access to ‘The Client Process Resources Hub,’ which includes over 30+ templates, scripts, guides, and other resources. This centralised hub keeps everything organised, making it easy to access all course materials conveniently.



Master the art of winning clients: Dive into the secrets of handling client enquiries like a pro. From hosting discovery calls to crafting compelling project proposals, you’ll learn how to turn curious prospects into loyal, paying clients.

Resources & Templates included:

  • Enquiry Form Template

  • Discovery Call Questionnaire & Script

  • Watch a real Client Discovery Call

  • Handling client objections with scripts

  • Project Proposal Presentation Template

  • Written for you Email Templates



Save time and enhance organisation with a well-structured onboarding process. Learn the essentials of onboarding your client successfully, invoicing, payment handling, contract management, and the use of client portals and an internal project tracker for smoother project management.

Templates & Resources Included:

  • Design Contract Template

  • Invoice Template

  • Updated Version of the ‘Client Portal & Project Tracker’ with additional bonuses including an internal project management system

  • Organise your Project Folders like a Pro resource

  • Written for you Email Templates



Discover the power and process of Brand Strategy. Without any strategy, your design work is just a logo, fonts, and colours to clients. But with a solid strategy, you’ll drive brand awareness, boost sales, and establish their business as a unique industry player. This module covers hosting strategy calls, defining brand foundations, analysing & researching competitors, identifying target audiences with personas, identifying a brands personality and their brand voice.

Templates & Resources Included:

  • How to Prepare for the Strategy Call Guide

  • Strategy Call Questionnaire & Script

  • Watch a real Client Strategy Call

  • Brand Strategy & Creative Direction Presentation Templates (2 templates: small and large projects)

  • Example Strategy & Creative Direction Presentation with annotations

  • Guides and resources for creating audience personas and conducting competitor analysis.

  • Plus more!



Learn how to seamlessly integrate strategy, ideas and your findings into your creative process. From gathering inspiration to creating mood boards, discover how to develop a successful creative direction rooted in strategy.

Resources & Templates Included:

  • Mood Board Layout Templates

  • Searching for Inspiration Resource

  • How to create Mood Board Resource

  • Word-Map Template

  • Brand Strategy & Creative Direction Presentation Example

  • Presenting the Strategy & Creative Direction Guide

  • Gathering Feedback & Handling Objections Guide



Creating a one of a kind Visual Identity: Learn the step-by-step process of creating a visually engaging identity rooted in strategy. You’ll learn the design process that involves; ideation, font selection, logo creation, and the art of choosing brand colours. 

Please note: These lessons will NOT teach you how to design, but will show you the step-by-step process of how to organise and structure your design process.

Resources & Templates included:​

  • Choosing Typefaces Guide

  • The different types of Logos Guide

  • Colour Theory and Psychology Resource

  • 100 Handpicked Colour Palettes Resource

  • Font, colour and mockups website directory

  • Plus more!



Effective Client Communication: Master the one-concept method, perfect your presentation skills when presenting your design concept and gain insight into handling and gathering valuable client feedback.

Resources & Templates included:

  • Brand Presentation Template

  • Brand Touchpoints Template (additional project deliverables)

  • Brand Presentation example

  • Mastering The One Concept Method Resource

  • Handling Feedback and Objections with scripts

  • Client Feedback Call script and Questionnaire

  • Written for you Email Templates

  • Plus more!



Lasting Impressions: Understand the importance of the offboarding process and how to successfully implement this yourself. Learn how to export, package and deliver files, create brand guideline documents, and leverage client referrals effectively.

Resources & Templates included:

  • Brand Guidelines Template

  • Brand Guideline Sheet Template

  • Brand Guidelines and Sheet Examples

  • Goodbye Packet Template

  • Exporting and Packaging Files Resource

  • Offboarding Call Script & Questionnaire

  • Post-Launch Follow up Questionnaire

  • Written for you Email Templates

  • Plus more!



Abi Connick


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