Jesse Anselm – Elite POD Course + Playbook

Downloadable: Jesse Anselm – Elite POD Course + Playbook

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What You Get:

6-Figure Elite POD Course

Inside of my 6-Figure Elite POD Course, you will get EVERYTHING you need to build a successful print on demand business with Etsy and Amazon. Learn my EXACT process for starting/growing my Etsy & Amazon accounts that have generated over $8MM!

12 Months Coaching

No more one month programs! You will have access to ME, and the rest of the students, for one ENTIRE year!

Take advantage of a 7-figure POD seller in your back pocket for an entire year!

12 Months Slack Channel

For maximum clarity and understanding you will have direct access to me via your private Slack channel for 12 months!
Imagine having a FULL YEAR to ask me any questions as you grow your POD business!

Here’s What You Get With Elite POD


Module 1: Identifying Your Business Potential

  • Your Path to 6-Figures
  • ​POD Margin Analysis
  • Choosing Your High Potential Product Category
  • Creating Your Etsy & Amazon Accounts
  • ​Building Your High Potential Products List
  • ​Choosing a Great Print Provider



Module 2: Developing Your Business Potential

  • Researching & Developing Your Photo Templates
  • Researching & Developing Your Product Descriptions
  • Researching & Developing Your Designs
  • ​Researching & Developing Your Offer Tactics
  • ​Researching & Developing Your Pricing Structure



Module 3: Executing Your Business Potential

  • Integrating Etsy with Your POD Print Provider
  • ​Automating Your Sales Fulfillment
  • ​Etsy Seller Navigation
  • Product Category Keywords
  • ​Understanding Etsy Listing Components
  • ​Creating Proper Etsy Titles
  • ​Creating Proper Etsy Tags
  • ​Creating Proper Top of Etsy Descriptions
  • ​Setting up Production Partners and Shipping Profiles
  • ​​Running Etsy Ads



Module 4: Doubling Your Business Potential

  • ​GTIN Exemption
  • Seller Central Navigation
  • ​Amazon Photos
  • ​Amazon Titles, Descriptions, Bullet Points, Search Terms, Variations
  • ​Amazon ads



BONUS: 12 Months of Coaching!

  • Business Planning
  • ​How To Optimize Your Products
  • How To Optimize Your Ads
  • Expanding Into Multiple Product Categories
  • Product Photos Trainings with Canva
  • ​Graphic Design Trainings with Adobe Illustrator
  • ​Driving Search Rank Trainings on Etsy & Amazon
  • ​Leveraging Massive Holiday Seasons
  • ​Q&A Sessions for Your Print on Demand Business



Jesse Anselm

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