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The Client Acquisition Course is a comprehensive program designed to help freelancers and agency owners master the art of consistently landing high-paying clients. It includes over 120 written and video lessons covering topics such as cold email outreach, cold DMs, lead magnets, social media marketing, and more. You’ll also get access to proven frameworks, expert-led masterclasses, and bonus content.





Course Introduction [START HERE]

Welcome + Course Outline


Core Cold Email Lessons

What Are Cold Emails and Why Are They Effective?
Cold Email Deliverability 101
​​Configuring your SPF, DKIM, and DMARC Records
IP Address & Domain Warm Up
Validate & Scrub Your Contact Data
Understand and Comply with Email Rules & Regulations
Domain Forwarding -> Website
Building Your Cold Email Script Formula
Example Cold Emails + the Underlying Principles as to Why They Worked
Personalized vs Automated Predictable Acquisition System
Testing Scripts & Offers – Starting with the Basics
What Are Follow-Ups & Why Do They Matter?
Different Types & Ways of Following Up
Prospecting Overview + Choosing an Ideal Customer Profile
Manual Prospecting vs. Bulk Scraping
How to Manually Vet & Qualify Prospects
Finding the Decision Maker’s Contact Info & Social Media Account
A Lead Sheet for You to Use (3 mins – 6.97 MB)

More Cold Email Lessons

Cold Email Marketing [CHASE]
Cold Email [CHASE] – (12 mins – 73.5 MB)
An Interesting Business You Could Start Leveraging Cold Email [CHASE] – (7 mins – 21.4 MB)
Find Your Ideal Clients in Your Spam Folder [CHASE] – (4 mins – 17 MB)
The Perfect Cold Email Structure: What Should You Include? [QUICKMAIL]
The Anatomy of a Banger Cold Email [MASON]
Is Cold Email Legal? All Laws Explained [QUICKMAIL]

Reviewing Real Cold Emails I’ve Received

Quick Overview of the Videos Titled “Reviewing a Cold Email I Received”
Reviewing a Cold Email I Received #1 [CHASE]
Reviewing a Cold Email I Received #2 [CHASE]
Reviewing a Cold Email I Received #3 [CHASE]
Reviewing a Cold Email I Received #4 [CHASE]
Reviewing a Cold Email I Received #5 [CHASE]
Reviewing a Cold Email I Received #6 [CHASE]


Real Cold Email Examples From The Community

Email Copywriter Pitching Himself via Cold Email
Funnel Builder Pitching Herself via Cold Email
TikTok Shop Agency Owner Pitching Himself via a Genius Cold Email Strategy

Core Cold DM Lessons

What Are Cold DMs and Why Do They Work?
Setting up Your Social Media Profile
How to Approach Cold DMs & Move the Sales Process Along
Building Your DM Script Formula
Example DMs + the Underlying Principles for Why They Worked

More Cold DM Lessons

How I Would Improve This Instagram DM Exchange [CHASE]
A Cold DM I Received From Steven Baterina [CHASE]
A Series of Facebook Posts --> DMs --> a Closed Deal [CHASE]
How to Get More Clients From DMs [PRANAV]



Real Cold DMs & SMS Examples From The Community

Email Copywriter Pitching Himself via Instagram DMs
Pitching Email Copywriting Services to Automated SMS Messages
Email Marketer Pitching Himself via Instagram DMs
(Another) Email Marketer Pitching Himself via Instagram DMs

Lead Magnet Funnel

What is a Lead Magnet Funnel?
How to Come up With Different Types of Lead Magnets
How to Promote Your Lead Magnet
How to Deliver Your Lead Magnet
A/B Testing Landing Page Elements to Increase Opt-Ins
Converting Leads into Customers

Social Media Growth (& More)

How to Create Authority in Your Space [CHASE]
Twitter Growth [CHASE]
How Email and Social Pair Together to Create Explosive Results [CHASE]
Lessons on Social Proof and Optics [CHASE]
Get in Front of Your ICP with Social Comments [CHASE]



Everything Bo Shaffer Learned From Scaling Her Copywriting Business to $74,000 per Month

Course Outline: The Process of Getting a Client (A-Z)
How to Get a Domain And Set Up a Professional Email
Prospecting 101
How to Find Info Product Clients
How to Find Ecommerce Clients
General Cold Email Principles
How to Write A Cold Email
Sending Cold DMs at Scale
Writing Automated Cold Emails
How to Hyper-Personalize Your Cold Emails
The Hybrid Method of Sending Cold Emails
Cold Email KPIs (Understanding Them) + Scenarios
Follow up Sequence/Scenarios/Objections
How to Become Valuable/Skill Stacking/Deal Structures
How To Figure Out What To Pitch/Assessing Funnels/Pitching
Building Out Your Scope/Proposal
Onboarding Your Client
Things You Can Upsell + A Little Bit of Mindset



Twitter DMs Masterclass by Alex Penunuri

Quick Video of Chase Introducing Alex’s Section
Introduction to Cold Twitter DM’s & Alex Penunuri
Why You Should Care about Twitter DMs
How to Properly Prepare Your Twitter Account
2 Types of Twitter DM Strategies + OFFER
How to Think through Script Writing
Implementation (THE HOW)
Enhancing the Implementation
How to Carry a Conversation



The Modern BDR Course by Logan Kennedy

Quick Video of Chase Introducing Logan’s Section
Intro: What a Remote BDR Is
Everything You Need to Know about Being a Remote BDR
The BDR Tech Stack
Establishing Your ICP
Formulating Your Offer
The Exact Offer Logan’s Running
Cold Email Masterclass
Purchasing a Domain + First Email Inbox
How to Add a Secondary Email Account for a Specific Domain
Setting up DMARC for an Email Inbox
How to Setup DKIM Records
How to Setup Domain Forwarding for Your Subdomain
How to Enable IMAP
Adding Your Email Account to Instantly
Adding Custom Tracking to a New Email Account Inside Instantly
The Principles of Cold Email Copywriting
Cold Email Subject Lines
Cold Email Preview Text
AI Personalization
Copywriting Masterclass
How to Scrape Leads Inside Apollo
Importing Your Leads List to Instantly
Warm Calling Masterclass



Cold DM Mastery by Apollo Martz

Quick Video of Chase Introducing Apollo’s Section
This 12-Word Message Gets 70% Rate Opening (based on 250k+ Cold DM’s)
The Anatomy of Cold DM’s & How To Get Your DM’s Opened
The Thread Along Method



Helpful Documents and Resources

High-Level Email Audit Template
Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement Template
Email Marketing Services Agreement


How to Land Clients with Your Social Media Profile on Autopilot from Stella Blomfield
How to Get Tons of Clients from Leo Moore
Must Know Outreach Strategies from Carlo Bellati
From Prospect to Close from Ben Zettler
How to Expand Scope With Clients So You Both Make More Money from Simon John Phillips
Clay for Agencies, Creators & Freelancers from Zachary Hamed
Market Research Strategy by Charles Gaudet
How to Get Inbound Clients as a Copywriter by Mason Doerr

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