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Here’s What’s Included:


On this page, you’ll learn about some of my cutting-edge memory strategies for rapidly remembering everything from presentations to names and foreign language vocabulary. Plus, you’ll discover a one-time only opportunity I guarantee will improve your memory and create positive change throughout your entire life…


Here’s Exactly What’s Included Inside The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass…



Memory Course #1
The Magnetic Memory Method Masterplan:

This foundational memory course introduces you to the most powerful memory techniques on earth.

Learn everything in a friendly setting from a master memory expert and instructor. No stone is left unturned in this introductory memory course.

Here’s just some of what you’ll discover inside …

* Why memory techniques are like a bicycle everyone can ride (with some minor personal adjustments).

* 5 “stealth” secrets for creating memories that last forever.

* The truth about the “method of loci” and memory peg systems that most memory experts don’t want you to know.

* A powerful alternative to speed reading that cuts to the chase when it comes to accelerated learning techniques.

* Simple memory exercises so easy and potent, you’ll surprise yourself by all the untapped imagination lying dormant in your mind. (Yes, even if you think you don’t have a mind’s eye!)

* Exactly how many pieces of information to memorize during your daily memory improvement practice in order to maximize your results with ease.

* Memory secrets not even World Memory Champions know about or use – and yet still claim prizes of up to $40,000 or more!

* The 3 simple steps you can use TODAY to become a “Human Google”… and unlock the hidden potential of your memory starting immediately.

* Why “rote learning” and 99% of other memory techniques fail. (Hint: They actually “break” the natural design of your brain!)

* The easiest way to guarantee any new vocabulary word, name, fact, term, or idea will stick in your head permanently… based on modern science.

* Completely scientific ways to practice the information you’ve memorized in low-stress environments so that you’re calm and relaxed during exams or while giving speeches in front of groups.

* Dozens of mnemonic examples detailing exactly how to use simple, yet multi-sensory images inside a Memory Palace Network that make any information unforgettable.



Memory Course #2
How To Learn & Memorize The Vocabulary Of Any Language:

This memory course helps you immensely because everything we memorize is in words.

Suitable for anyone learning vocabulary of any kind, be it in your mother tongue, French, German, Spanish, etc. You can literally learn a word once and have it available for recall at any time, any place and under any conditions.

Plus, you’ll learn:

* The real reason why no one should ever be squeamish about memorization or learning a language.

* Why and how some of the most famous memory skills are applicable to learning any language.

* How to create a 26 “letter location” memory system based on the alphabet English. Use this to memorize thousands of words in any language.

* Sample examples that will show you exactly how and why these memory techniques and strategies work.

* Unique approaches that will have you literally “tuning in” on any language so that you can memorize its vocabulary and recall it with ease.

* How to use actors, other public figures and famous pieces of artwork to help you memorize vocabulary.

* How to separate words in the most effective manner for easy memorization and recall.

* A simple strategy for memorizing the male, neuter and feminine genders (a process that some people consider the ultimate nightmare of foreign language learning.)

* A list of resources, including the secret to finding the absolute best dictionary to use when learning and memorizing vocabulary.

* How having a larger vocabulary will fill your travel in countries around the world with greater freedom to explore and enjoy the sights and culture.

* … and much, much more!


Memorizing new words is as easy as “reciting your ABCs”. And, you’ll be able to recall each word perfectly “in the moment” when you’re speaking any language, including your own.



Memory Course #3
How To Memorize Names & Faces:

For business people, teachers, and anyone who cares about their reputation, keeping track of names is the ultimate nightmare.

Not any more. Put the simple lessons in this memory course to work and you’ll never forget a name again.

Extend your memory skills and learn:

* The weakest, classic and the most potent way to memorize not just names but faces – exactly how people look.

* Simple examples of complex names to walk you through the process.

* Nuanced steps for when you need to rapidly remember multiple names within minutes.

* Detailed examples of live memory demonstrations and how to TROUBLESHOOT should anything go wrong. When you know how to pivot, the possibility of ever making a mistake completely disappears.

* Two secret ways to use relaxation to aid the memorization process so that you memorize and recall names naturally and with ease.

These two methods alone are worth the price of the entire Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass because they will literally eliminate stress from your body as you memorize new names the instant you hear them.

This course will banish the embarrassment of forgetting someone’s name  because it helps you automatically (and subconsciously) remember any name.

Long names, short names, complex names, even names in a different language. This memory course has you covered.



Memory Course #4
How To Learn & Memorize Poetry:

Poetry? Really? Why on earth verse?

For anyone looking to memorize texts verbatim, this course is the best way to master the techniques. You can use the same information to memorize jokes, limericks, lyrics, quotes and even long speeches.

You’ll never be at a loss for something to say again.

Wouldn’t you like to impress your friends by reciting poetry, long jokes, or an entire book of scripture… directly from your memory?

I do this myself and it completely blows people away. Just search “Anthony Metivier” and “Ribhu Gita” on YouTube if you’d like to see a demonstration. I also recited some of it in my TEDx Talk.

Speaking of which, you can also burn your prepared notes because I’ve also included a related mini-course called “How to Memorize a Speech.”

In just three videos, you’ll learn how to blow away your audience by reciting any speech entirely from memory.

Most people think this skill is extremely difficult… but all it takes is a specially designed Memory Palace and approximately one hour of practice. (Practice that you’ll actually enjoy too!)



Memory Course #5
How to Memorize Numbers, Equations and Simple Arithmetic:

No memory improvement course would be complete without knowing how to learn and memorize numbers, math and even complicated equations. In this course, you’ll learn:

* The best method for memorizing numbers using simple shapes that you already know.

* World famous techniques for getting long and complicated equations into long term memory so that you can pass any exam or code any computer program with ease.

* Exact methods that are easy and fun for testing the memorized information so that you’re comfortable recalling the math you’ve memorized in even the most stressful situations.

Whether you’re studying math in school, working as a professional engineer, or you simply want to recall someone’s phone number… these lessons will show you how.

Not only will you be able to memorize the most long and complicated formulas… but you’ll be able to deploy them flawlessly even under extreme stress.



With the Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass, you get all of this (and more). The entire training is guaranteed to produce results for you every time you use your memory.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a student, professional or just someone interested in the art of memory – The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass will improve the quality of your memory right away.



But that’s not all…


Memory Bonus #1
How to Memorize the Terminology of Any Profession:

This training deals specifically with how to memorize some of the most difficult terminology you as a professional will ever encounter. You’ll discover:

* The best memory tools for quickly and easily memorizing difficult terminological words

* Top strategies for memorizing and recalling complex, multi-layered definitions in a snap

* How to instantly generate dozens of receptive “bridging figures” who will welcome even the hardest terms and definitions into you mind so that you can access them at any time



Memory Bonus #2
The Ultimate Language Learning Secret:

Whereas all kinds of memory trainings want you to learn the techniques, none of them show you exactly what exactly learning means. This important bonus is your portal to this higher level of understanding. If you would like to learn how to learn, The Ultimate Language Learning Secret is your portal to:

  • The magic formula for accomplishing your learning goals quickly and easily. (Apply this formula alone and it will be worth hundreds of times the price of the entire Masterclass.)
  • How to completely re-wire your mind so that whatever feels like “work” instantly becomes playtime – every time.
  • The ultimate no-nonsense time management strategies for learning anything that no one has ever taught you before.



Memory Bonus #3
The Magnetic Memory Method Print & Video Newsletter:

If you’ve ever bought an exercise machine, and wished it had come with a personal trainer in the box, here’s your chance.

In this exclusive bonus, you’ll get access to hundreds of pages of backup coaching and all the insight and inspiration you’ll ever need to create killer Memory Palaces.

The Magnetic Memory Method Newsletter actually started out as a personal resource to use for communicating with my best students. In fact, I really wasn’t planning to make this material available until dozens of people pleaded, “I’ve got to have this material gathered together in one place!”

And it’s true. The Magnetic Memory Method Print & Video Newsletter is the kind of resource I would have killed for when I was learning the art of memory. But this living, breathing FAQ resources is yours absolutely free if you act today. It really makes the process of memorizing anything a breeze!

Have a look at just some of what’s inside this free bonus:

  • Hundreds of questions answered. If you’re struggling to understand the difference between a mind castle, memory castle and the method of loci, that ends today. If you’re wondering about working memory improvement versus short term memory, I’ll solve that issue (and explain why it shouldn’t be niggling you at all). With just a glance, you’ll find searchable reference material about just about every memory technique in existence, and most importantly, guidance about what memorization techniques not to use
  • Hundreds of mnemonic examples given, including more than one vocab journey in its entirety. Listen, certain ways of memorizing have been proven again and again to produce rapid results. Now, you’ll have a ready-reference of tested techniques for your next learning project, along with detailed illustrations.
  • Powerful ways to improve the quality of your mind. Instead of falling back on memory techniques alone, you can take advantage of powerful brain exercises that will keep your mind sharp for good.



Memory Bonus #4
How To Remember Your Dreams:

There is a penthouse in the world of memory. Resting above the parts of your imagination that can effortlessly memorize and recall anything, is an untapped resource that provides you with amazing information that you forget almost every morning. It’s also an amazing way to exercise your memory before your feet even touch the floor. So ask yourself … How would your life change if you could remember nearly all your dreams and use them in your favor? To help you:

  • Massively improve your creativity.
  • Put a whole new spin on your ability to think critically.
  • Enable you to understand your true intentions and goals in life from perspectives that normally go unnoticed.

If you’d like to experience incredible boosts in concentration, creativity and memory in just a short time, this special bonus will let you tap into the massive amount of imaginative power sitting dormant in your mind. Let How to Remember Your Dreams give you the keys to the kingdom of your unconscious mind.



Memory Bonus #5
Visualization Mastery:

When it comes to using memory techniques, too many people try to “see” pictures in their mind.

Not only is image-based visualization not necessary, it can be the worst skill to focus on. In fact, pushing yourself to see “pictures” in your mind, can lock you out of the exact goal you’re trying to achieve.

In Visualization Mastery, you get the insights, skills, and ability to develop the strongest mental imagery for your Memory Palace efforts ever by using all 8 of the “Magnetic Modes”…

… and this simple set of steps gives you the calm confidence that tells your brain that you’re serious about memorizing information quickly, efficiently and permanently. These are the multi-sensory visualization exercises for creativity and better memory you should have been taught in school.


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